Friday, June 22, 2018

Exhausted to the Core

Finally got caught up on my sleep with 10 hours of shut-eye. So then why am I still exhausted??? I honestly don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me at this point. I did wake up a few times, once to pee, but not due to traffic. That’s pretty amazing considering that the trash and recycle trucks came by today.

I’m going to go as fast as I can and catch up on things. As it is, if I can’t figure out a way to sleep better and get over this exhaustion, I’m looking at voice blogging only. I’m simply run down to the core. I have been seriously considering just doing weekly bullet entries that provide the main highlights of what’s going on and so I can still keep in touch with people, but not the detailed entries I normally do. I simply don’t have the energy anymore. Again, other than regular sleep disturbances, I’m not sure why I’m so tired so much of the time. I haven’t been able to be active in about a week now. It’s like something’s forcing me to live like the disabled person I’m not. It’s very frustrating! I could even do more with anxiety as long as my heart wasn’t racing. It may have been the worst feeling in the world but I could still function. Now I’m so tired I have to do things in spurts. I’m not in perimenopause anymore, I’m certainly not PMSing, I’m not starving, so I don’t understand what’s making me so tired other than the daytime noise. 
An article I read recently says you can still be woken up and disturbed by sleep but not know it. The brain registers the sounds and this lowers the quality of your sleep even though you don’t actually wake up. Well, between 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. there definitely would have been at least a dozen or so loud vehicles so I’m sure I registered most of them. Also, since we hear through bone conduction, blocking the ear canal is not enough. That’s why you can put your hands over your ears and still hear, you just don’t hear things as well.
The sleep doctor responded to the message I left him asking what I might be able to do to make me a heavier sleeper so that I can sleep through the daytime noise easier. I’ve got to wonder how people manage to work graves these days unless they’re a really heavy sleeper like Tom. Well, I don’t expect to ever be like him because I’m simply not him, but if there’s anything I could do that might help me, I sure would like to know about it.
The response was as expected and that’s a follow-up appointment since I only saw him once and that was two years ago. Now I’m not sure what to do. On one hand, the last thing I want is yet another appointment and for Tom to have to take more time off and for us to have to spend more money. But on the other hand, I’m tired of being tired and the world isn’t going to get any quieter. This is what it’s going to sound like no matter where we live and there’s no cure for CRD, and maybe there really isn’t anything he can do to make me a heavier sleeper as that very well may be just how I am. Some of us are very light sleepers just like some of us are good with languages. I’m getting desperate enough, though, that I may be willing to try whatever he may recommend despite my fears of medication in general.
Yes, we probably could afford some rural place when he retires even though I suspect we’ll be low income, but like I said, it’s not feasible to live too far away from civilization when you’re getting older.
Still undecided about my journal. I already started voice blogging, I just don’t know if I’m going to stop the detailed regular text entries or not. I may not have much of a choice if I keep feeling so shitty and I don’t have any energy. I know I have speech-to-text to help but I still have to read and edit through the entries and this takes much longer than voice blogging. The only problem with voice is that it’s not as searchable so that’s why I would keep some sort of a bullet journal that was more like tweets. I’m so exhausted I can barely handle this entry. Really, really hope nothing else is wrong with me!
We got the new toaster with the Best Buy credit we had and it’s a decent toaster even though we won’t use it very often. It’s a combination toaster oven and toaster on top. I like that it’s simple to use and it doesn’t have a million different buttons. My brain is so screwed up these days between aging and not sleeping that I worry I’ll accidentally do something dangerous. I can’t think straight half the time and I can’t remember shit. My TSH has got to be close to normal now, so again, I don’t know what’s going on other than lack of sleep. That’s the only thing I can come up with. So I probably will go ahead and make the appointment at some point as I would rather be told there’s nothing that can be done for me and know I at least tried to help myself, rather than never know for sure.
Slept with my Bluetooth speaker right by my pillow with it playing thunderstorms but it stopped playing by the time I got up to pee 5 hours later even though I had it on loop mode. The battery hadn’t died either so I guess the internet must have cut out. Because the Internet isn’t yet as reliable as electricity, that’s why I don’t use it for sleeping unless I’m just taking a nap. It won’t override the loudest of sounds but it helps with some of the smaller ones. I just wish we didn’t have roads on three sides of us. Had we gotten a couple other houses we looked at before we got this one, I may have slept better. The loudest of sounds may have woken me up but perhaps not delivery trucks and things like that.
Tom awoke a little achy last night but hasn’t had any problems with the prednisone so far. Just a slight upset stomach the first few hours of taking it.
While I am against the unnecessary separating of families (unless perhaps the parents are deliberately letting themselves be arrested so that their kids will get free care?) I don’t see how this equates to the Holocaust. The Jews weren’t breaking any laws. A lot of these immigrants are. Also, no one’s being thrown in concentration camps or ovens. But yeah, if people are simply requesting asylum without breaking laws and you don’t want to give it to them, just turn them away. Don’t throw them in jail and their kids in cages.
Started watching Cold Justice. First I saw Cold Justice murders and now I’m watching Cold Justice sex crimes. Why are there so few American made shows and movies that aren’t reality shows? Everything is foreign or documentaries! But I can stand to watch these even though they’re a bit depressing.
I watched the movie Brain on Fire and it was a little scary because to think that I, someone who’s a magnet for autoimmune diseases, could end up with one that could attack something a hell of a lot more vital than a thyroid is a bit scary. What that poor woman went through!
Two or three nights ago I had a dream that my weight was down but I don’t see it going down that far without being sick or thyrotoxic. No thanks! I’ll keep the fat. Even so, it was one of those dreams that gave me that feeling only a dream premonitioner can understand. It means something. I just have to figure out what.
I also had this really weird dream that I was walking down a street somewhere on a very windy day. I was wearing a straw hat which blew off and I ended up chasing it down the street. I caught it by this house where a teenage daughter was telling her parents that some boy tried to attack her until he heard them driving up.
I said something about seeing somebody and then the guy said, “Thank you, Jodi,” as I turned and walked away with my runaway hat. I was a little surprised he knew my name.
Then Joe, the mailman, was seeing my hair left curly for the first time and telling me that he never liked it when I straightened my hair, LOL.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tom's Appointment

Tom had his appointment today with my ENT and was as impressed with her as I knew he would be. Best ENT ever. She doesn’t think he’s got an ear infection, though. She thinks he had some kind of virus which he’s still suffering the effects of so she prescribed two weeks of Prednisone for him. Poor guy! He’s a lot braver than I am and he’s not scared or anything like that but oral steroids definitely have their side effects. I took them in my twenties back when I was a smoker. Jitteriness, insomnia, insane hunger, water retention… I remember well. Tammy has had to take them as well. Once I cared enough about my health to choose life over cigarettes, I haven’t needed them since. I’ve only been on antibiotics once in over two decades and that was for a tooth infection.

Anyway, this part wouldn’t necessarily scare me but I would be a bit nervous. He has to go for an MRI and they’re going to insert an IV with some chemical to make it easier to see. I’ve seen videos of MRI scans on YouTube and I know they’re insanely loud and you have to be really careful when it comes to magnets.
After the MRI he’ll have a follow-up with the ENT in a few weeks but isn’t sure yet if he’s going to stay with this Medical Group. It isn’t so much that the doctors screwed up but the group as a whole did. He did get some hearing back so it’s doubtful that he has a tumor which is what the MRI is going to look for, but had the Medical Group done its fucking job when it should have, he may have been able to recover all his hearing. At this point, it’s unlikely he’ll recover any more.
Our ENT said that it could happen in the other ear and that he needs to call her right away if it does.
Anyway, she gave him a steroid injection in the bad ear and cleaned a little wax out of both ears for him. I’m glad I mentioned him to her when I saw her and I’m truly grateful to her for seeing him. :)
Sure enough, loud traffic woke me up a few hours after crashing and I took one of those Midnite sleep aids my buddy recommended. It still took me an hour to fall back asleep and I’m tired today but I think it’s more because my sleep was disturbed than because of the stuff itself.
When I got up, Tom wasn’t in the house. I looked outside and saw him talking to J & C. They had some kind of decorative rocks or bricks delivered and the fiber-optics people worked further down the street behind the house. Tom suspects they’re going to hit the circle tomorrow. I just wish this fucking loud vehicle craze would stop already! I’m really REALLY tired of having my sleep stolen and my peace ruined. Even at night it’s not always quiet. Not when the planes get to flying around like crazy. But it seems there’s always, always something. This is easily one of the noisiest places I’ve ever lived in. Oh, how I miss country living at times!
A funny joke J told Tom today: Why did the cross-eyed teacher get fired?
Because she couldn’t keep her pupils in line.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Who's Worse?

Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse, Democrats or Republicans. The Republicans are often hateful towards women and gays and fight to make sure they don’t have a full bag of rights.

On the other hand, they fight harder to protect our borders from illegals, who are usually criminals, from burdening our system even more at the expense of our hard-earned tax dollars.
The Democrats believe more in equality, which is nice, but they tend to be too soft and generous and that can get us taken advantage of.
While I disagree with 99% of what Trump has done, I’m tired of everyone complaining about kids being taken from their parents when their parents should have known better to begin with. If you break the law when you have kids, you may be sent to jail and therefore separated from them. So why is it okay to be separated from them if they rob a bank or kill someone but it’s not okay if they lose them by entering the country illegally, getting whatever freebies they can get, and then carry on with illegal activity?
If the parents were so worried about their kids and decent parents to begin with, then they should have thought of this first… break the law and you could be separated from your kids. Maybe this will serve as an example of what can happen if you try to bust on over here for free stuff at our expense. The immigration issue is getting worse and worse and we finally need to crack down on it and deal with it for once and for all, even if that means taking drastic measures. Sometimes it takes going to extremes to better things in the long run. Not many seem to agree with me, of course, but you know what? I don’t give a shit. I accept and I’m okay with my opinions, feelings and beliefs not always being within the so-called norm and I also accept and am okay with others who aren’t ok with my opinions, feelings and beliefs.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Okay, time to finish updating my journal while I have the energy and before my sleep is disrupted once again and therefore my energy.

I got caught up last night and slept for about 9 hours. Woke up every hour, sometimes with weird dreams, sometimes just because, but overall I slept well and replenished my energy.
I don’t work out much anymore due to all the sleep disturbances here but my lower back pain was a reminder that I do have to at least work my core. A few dozen ab crunches and back flies each day is a must.
Getting my phone setup similar to my laptop so I have the option of easily doing the same things on both devices. The only thing that’s much harder to do on the phone is editing documents.
It’s a chilly windy night and you would never believe it was mid-June. I’m wondering if we’re going to be able to use the pool at all this year with the way it’s been so mild. We haven’t had many really hot days.
Although it was a bit of a disaster and it took several hours, the elephant mural is now on the living room wall! We did get some air bubbles and ripples in it, and unfortunately, these old walls have their share of bumps in them that make it look like there are more air bubbles than there actually are. It still looks fantastic, though, despite the imperfections. It sure was a nightmare at times when one of the panels folded over and one sticky side stuck to another.
We looked at land in Nevada, and while it’s certainly appealing, with me needing to see doctors as often as I do, it’s just not feasible. Even if he didn’t have a job, when you’re aging and you have health issues, it’s not good to have long drives to doctors.
Tuesday can’t get here fast enough! I really hope my ENT can help him as much as she helped me because he’s been in excruciating pain at times due to his ear, which has got to be infected. It’s been worse the last few weeks. I can’t express just how much I want to go after his doctor and the doctor in Urgent Care that no doubt misdiagnosed him. Especially if they could have saved his hearing if they'd just done their fucking job right to begin with. 
As a friend and I were discussing the other day, one-sided friendships get old. I always ask certain people how they’re doing. Always. I ask how their appointments go if I know about them in advance, I ask them how they’re feeling, I ask them for updates, but never once do they ask me about my own health and appointments. They wouldn’t even have a clue if I didn’t volunteer the info myself. It’s always all about them. It’s always, “This is what’s going on with me,” and that’s it. Never “This is what’s going on with me. How are you?” No point in volunteering information that people don’t seem to be interested in then.
Because someone from my past that I can’t stand was on my mind, I ended up dreaming about them. She tried to poison me. We were at some group meeting in someone’s house. I knew who she was and she knew who I was. The only thing is that she didn’t know that I knew who she was. I decided to keep it secret until I could decide what to do about it. I was going to get her ass somehow. I just wanted to catch her off guard and I figured the best way to go about that would be not to tip her off as to what I knew.
So we were all sitting in a circle in the person’s living room when she offered to make me some tea. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of her dumping poison into it before she brought it to me. Again, taking advantage of what she didn’t know, I played dumb by gratefully accepting the tea with a smile yet with no plans to drink it. While it almost saddened me to think she could so easily take my life just for reacting to her bullshit years ago, it also amused me to think of how confused she would be as to why I didn’t die. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

24th Anniversary

It was a truly shitty 24th anniversary for us. Well, at least for me it was. I couldn’t fall asleep until well after midnight, and then some fucking asshole dumping decorative rocks further down woke me up at 7:15. 7-fucking-15 in the morning! Really, if you can’t keep from being woken up in a retirement community that early in the morning, where can you keep from being woken up that early?

I went back to bed a couple hours later for a few more hours but I’ve been exhausted ever since, barely able to function and having to do things in spurts. I don’t even know if I’ll finish this entry tonight but if not I’ll finish, edit and post it tomorrow. That is if they’ll let me fucking sleep next time around and I have the energy to do so. It’s looking like the Melatonin has lost its magic, however, and that I’m going to be up well past midnight again just to be woken up in 3 or 4 hours. Aly recommended other OTC remedies so I’ll keep those in mind. But the fiber-optics people don’t take weekends off and they start before 8. Even if they don’t do this area tomorrow, being on a main street close to one of the gates, they’re probably going to roar past the place in their big old trucks. If not, it will just be something else.
They sent a letter a few days ago saying that within two weeks they’ll be doing our area and will send a text alert 24 hours in advance of when they plan to turn our Wifi off anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Well, they’re not doing the circle tomorrow, Saturday. But again, that doesn’t mean they won’t be zooming by real early and multiple times, too. I don’t know why they’re jumping around sporadically and doing various parts of the park but I’m really worried just how much sleep they’re going to end up depriving me of before they finally wrap it up. I’m also worried about how long it will be before the next fucking project is done. 
It really sucks because I really wanted to go out today. I know Tom appreciated getting to relax at home but I still feel bad.
I was thinking how out of the three houses we’ve owned together, I have slept worse and worse in each one. Maybe a fourth move is a bad idea because if I sleep any worse than this I could very well end up being pretty sick. I don’t know that I’d want to have thunder, which I think would be pretty frequent in Florida, adding to the wake-up calls along with today’s ferocious traffic. As Tom pointed out, modern garbage trucks are louder these days due to the way they dump trash. Life just keeps getting louder but the only way to escape it is to rent some dumpy trailer in the woods or have enough money to buy land. Maybe we should check into land in Nevada when he retires.
I just know that it’s so fucking frustrating because when I don’t get enough sleep I’m pretty useless. It isn’t much different than being drunk. How productive can a drunk be? I can’t think straight, I can’t function normally, I can’t work out but once or twice a week, and I pretty much can’t do anything consistently, especially since living here. Why go to Camp NaNoWriMo? As I told Aly, there are just too many damn distractions here. On top of that, I’m woken up once or twice a week and that leaves me tired. I just can’t be consistent with things like that or with exercising. I keep hoping that one day I’ll adapt and learn to sleep through the noise of the loud vehicles, but that day never comes. I don’t understand why I’m still such a light sleeper all these years later but I am.
Anyway, if it weren’t for my phone and having speech-to-text, I wouldn’t even have this entry written. It’s much easier to edit on my laptop but I don’t have that much energy now so it will be edited and published tomorrow assuming I’m awake enough to do so I’ll backdate it to the appropriate date too.
He got the baseboards that we’re going to put in the hall to cover the unpainted areas. He was afraid to paint too low and risk getting paint on the carpet. The white adhesive baseboards will look nice.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Tammy said she’s having many tests done and that her new pulmonologist thinks she has sarcoidosis which is why she has issues with her lymph nodes. I thought this was determined years ago, though, and that she was up for a lung transplant. Or maybe they delayed it because she still smokes? 

The info I looked up on sarcoidosis was contradicting. It says the average person dies 10 years after the onset of it, but then it says that many people with it live normal lives. She sounded fantastic the last time I heard her and she’s pulled through so much shit before that I don’t doubt that she’ll get through this as well.
Tom is on his way to the audiologist now and will be seeing my ENT next Tuesday.
Meanwhile, thank God for melatonin! No, I’m still agnostic so don’t read anything into that popular figure of speech, but yeah, I appreciate how it has delayed my schedule from rolling because the fiber-optics chaos has entered the circle. It’s right at the opening of it which is where our house is. I’m guessing they’ll spend the next week going around the circle which means I’ve got to hold my schedule as long as I can. There’s no cure for this type of sleep disorder so there’s only so long I can delay the inevitable jump in time, but let’s just say I was glad I got up at nine like I did this morning. Had I not taken the melatonin like I have these last four or five nights, I would normally be getting up in the mid-afternoon by now which means they would have woken me up just a few hours after crashing.
Anyway, I hear a whole symphony of jackhammers, saws, and something that runs loud and steady that almost sounds like a vacuum but not quite. The Internet went down hard for a while earlier.
Kind of tired today even though I slept long enough. Between my schedule and the hot weather, I haven’t been bike riding. In fact, I’ve been lazy overall and haven’t really done much working out indoors either. Sure have been on a roll with one of my stories, though.
Camp NaNoWriMo runs again in July but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not. It will depend on how far I get with the stories I’m working on now. I have enough writing projects at the moment.
OMG, banners with text messages popping up while I’m trying to work in Google Docs are driving me crazy! Totally disrupting my train of thought when I’m trying to write there, so hopefully the adjustments I made will stop that. Why is it that every time I go to write, people are blowing up my phone? LOL
Last night I dreamed I was in this large hospital room. It was rectangular in shape with rows of bed on both sides. I was in one of the beds and woke up to see about three cops smoking cigarettes. One of them said, “Should we open the door and air it out?”
“Yes!” several patients said, and I told them they shouldn’t be smoking in a hospital to begin with.
The only other dreams I remember is something about Tom watching people race in a parking lot on some kind of ATV, and then me asking some black guy if that was his needle I just found. He said no in a defensive way, assuming I was talking about a needle used to shoot up drugs. 
“It’s a sewing needle,” I said, insulted by his false assumption but not surprised.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Uneducated or Ignorant?

Finished watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why and was a little disappointed in the ending. I kind of wanted something big to go down in the end. Don’t read any more of this if you plan to watch it, but when I saw Tyler approach the school with the rifle, I was kind of hoping he would take out Bryce and his cronies. The way it ended suggested there will be a season 3.

I was both surprised and not surprised that the court found for the school. I wasn’t surprised since the school can’t be responsible for what its students do at home, but I was surprised because these days we love to blame everybody but ourselves for our own actions.
Things were different back in the 80s when I attempted suicide, and I agree with my husband who believes that the adults in my life should have been held accountable. Not for what I did but for the circumstances leading up to it. 17-year-olds don’t go throwing themselves out windows for the fun of it.
Many people’s attitudes and false beliefs towards the subject of suicide still surprises and disgusts me. Someone recently said that we’re all just a few events away from at least seriously considering it and I totally believe that. I know that if I lost my husband, I wouldn’t want to stick around no matter how much money we may have. To say that good health and happiness are the most important things in life is the understatement of the century! We may have money now but more than likely will be low income upon retirement, and you know what? That’s just fine with me as long as we have each other and we’re happy and healthy. Without that, life is pretty meaningless. At least to me it is.
I get fed up with people saying they don’t understand why celebrities who have it all would “throw it all away” in regards to the celebs that have taken their lives. If you think physical and emotional illnesses discriminate then you’re just as naive as those that believe all lesbians were raped or molested, all Jews are rich, all Hispanics are on welfare, All blacks are gang affiliated, and every single Muslim wants to kill those who have a different belief system. When I was going through hell physically and emotionally because of the health issues I had, my thoughts were pretty damn dark at times yet I had it all. Love, money, a nice house, etc. Until you’ve truly suffered to such extremes, I don’t think you can understand how it’s possible for some people to end up taking their lives or seriously considering it.
Yet many people still hold these false beliefs when it comes to many different subjects. I don’t think it’s just a matter of them being inexperienced, uneducated or stupid so much as ignorant. If someone really doesn’t want to believe or accept something, they won’t. Human nature has shown that people often deny what they don’t get or don’t like. So despite the science to back it up, along with people’s personal experiences of course, some people are never going to believe that we really are born with our sexuality, be it straight, bi, gay, or perverts. After all, they do say that those who are attracted to children can’t change for a reason; because they were born that way and there’s no changing that. The only thing we can choose is whether or not we actually act on whatever our preference is. Not what that preference is in the first place.
So some people can go on saying, “Oh, but it’s just my opinion,” yet there’s a difference between having an opinion and being incorrect. Anyone can think of or commit suicide if circumstances push them far enough into the dark. No one is exempt no matter how much we may like to think we are.
I’m still waiting for fiber-optic chaos to hit here but so far it’s been way quieter than expected. Other than those few hours last Friday, no one’s been working near the house. But the streets are still marked so I know it’s only a matter of time before they get here. I just hope they do it while I’m awake.
Anyway, the vacation may be over but so is having a messy, cluttered and dusty house. I’ll be cleaning a room or two each day this week and getting things back in shape. We put most of the stuff back in place yesterday so I don’t have much to put away or organize. I just have to clean, especially dust, as my allergies have been a little worse lately.
Trying raw organic apple cider vinegar shots to see if that helps my cholesterol. Before I was using distilled ACV and I’m not sure that’s the one people recommend for lowering cholesterol, among other health benefits. I have my doubts it will help but I’m willing to try most things once.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Fun's Over

Last day of vacation and then it’s back to work for both of us. I have mixed emotions about the vacation coming to an end. I loved taking a break from the usual routine even though I normally enjoy the usual routine. I mostly loved having him around more and getting things done in and around the house. However, we didn’t quite get to everything on our list and it will be nice to have some free time to myself. I still work better alone. That way the only distractions come from outside.
We did almost everything except the murals. The painting was a real bitch. We should have just hired someone to do it for us. The murals only take a couple hours each and there’s no hurry for that. Got the large mermaid sticker up, though. Love it! Just wish there weren’t some bumps in the wall that makes it look like there are air bubbles in her.

Got my bangs trimmed the other day and the lady that did it did a good job, whatever her name was. She said she didn’t know why I was told my bangs were blended because they’re not. She asked if I wanted them to be and I decided to keep them as they are but layer them.
I also got a new pair of running sneakers. Pale pink girls’ Champions in size 4. I wanted something simple that wouldn’t clash with various outfits but that wasn’t dull either like white, tan, navy or gray.

Tom moved the dishwasher over a bit so that the door would be clear of the oven door by busting out the trim around the cabinet door next to it. After he chiseled that out, he replaced the trim. Now you wouldn’t even know he did anything to it unless you really looked hard. There’s still an opening we want to block so that the rats can’t get under and behind the dishwasher even though these rats are probably too fat to get through the hole.
I kept waiting for my long nails to break so I would have an excuse to cut them off but I got tired of waiting, they just wouldn’t break, so I cut them yesterday. It sure makes doing everyday tasks a lot easier with shorter nails.
Last night I took a 2.5 mg strawberry gummy melatonin but it took an hour and a half to knock me out.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Love the New Oven!

Slept as bad as I do when I’m on nights and being woken up by traffic, but not feeling that tired. BP is up due to having extra sodium yesterday. Definitely time to jump back on track! I’ll go easier on the sodium today. We both agreed to hold off on the sugar. We were going to get cookies to bake in our new oven but I don’t want to rehook myself to sugar. It really is that addicting. The more you have, the more you want. Definitely can’t eat like I used to. Things like pizza gives me heartburn and too much sodium jacks my blood pressure up, which is normally perfect.

Anyway, the new oven is wonderful! If it was as exciting as it was to see the old heap of shit hauled out of here as one who doesn’t cook very much, I can just imagine how excited a real foodie who cooks a lot would be. This one is so much nicer and things actually work, too. The old one’s timer, clock and self-cleaning function didn’t work at all. Love the convection fan this one has and the center griddle. I also love how the light comes on when you open the door like with a refrigerator, and how you can set it to turn off when it’s done. I missed having an oven that beeps to let me know it’s preheated too, which I haven’t had for 18 years. Made a couple of beer battered cod fillets for starters.
I’m going to allow myself just two eggs later on. For the most part, my diet means no bread, no sugar, low sodium, and little to no cholesterol. I feel so much better this way. I still get hungry at times but not as much, and I definitely don’t have the cravings I used to have for various foods, sweet and not.
The only thing that sucks is that even though he measured, the dishwasher door hit the oven door handle so one of the installers was kind enough to adjust it for us even if it meant having to throw the dishwasher at a curve. Later we’ll chisel out a section so we can move it over. I would be kind of pissed if this was the house we were going to spend the rest of our lives in.
We’re way behind on the projects we had planned for the vacation but we’ve still been very productive. We have to finish painting the hallway and putting up the murals. Plus, a few other minor things.
The fiber-optics upgrade has begun. It hasn’t been as loud as I expected so far except for the Jackhammer and some kind of pump they were using. I thought they were going to dig trenches throughout the entire park but it looks like they might do a similar tactic like what they did when they replaced the irrigation system. They just drill scattered holes and run conduit through them from hole to hole. I thought they were starting just up the hill here but Tom saw them way down at the other end of the park. I guess they work till sundown. They still haven’t gone around the circle yet which they’ve got marked, including one of the steps to our patio. Hopefully, they’ll be kind enough to wash that off when they’re done. Real early this morning the connection was as erratic as Auburn. Thinking of getting some melatonin to help keep me on days as long as possible. Tammy said it should take about a week because they did her place a couple years ago.
So we got Sims 4 and my first thought was OMG, this is way too complicated! Let’s return it! Yet while it is a very complex game and there is so much to learn, it is kind of fun creating Sims. He’s been having some fun playing the game and building the Sims’ houses and finding them jobs and stuff like that. A couple Sims I created lit themselves on fire while cooking, though, LOL. So I’m making the Sims and he’s giving them lives. There’s an automatic feature where you can watch them live out their lives on their own and help them with whatever along the way.
It’s pretty amazing how you can literally build them from scratch and design everything from the shape of their face, ears, facial features, body shape, etc., and not just their skin tone, hair and eye color. I’m gonna see if I can create Sims based on characters in some of my books. I also got the Cat & Dog expansion so I gave one of my characters the Basenji we hope to one day have. So far I have created both genders, though mostly females, in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes, including a couple of funky looking characters with pink hair and another with blue ponytails. I will have a collection of singles, couples, and families, gay and straight.
Last night I dreamed I told Tom that we better hurry up and get going with riding our bikes to this restaurant we planned to ride to or else we would end up freezing. Yeah, I’ve been doing enough of that in the early mornings here. Really sick of cold climates!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Old and New Ovens

Out with the old…

And in with the new! You can see my reflection in the door’s window as I try to get a picture of the inside and convection fan.

Its first meal was beer battered cod.