Monday, August 13, 2018

Discontinuing for Now

I love it when people post whatever they want regardless of who it may offend, expect nothing but support, then get all upset should I post something they don't understand or like. Well, just for the record, never again will I explain or defend anything I post. You post what you want. I'll post what I want. And yes, this time you're correct in assuming I'm talking about you, and while I will always love and support you, I have just as much right to be myself as you do, and well, you know who you are. ;-)

The above paragraph is not only very true but is something I posted publicly on Facebook as well. Just letting people know where I stand without any hard feelings of any kind. I just get tired of the dual standards at times. I'm expected to just smile, support and accept what others do while they call me out when I speak my own mind about whatever and that's just wrong. It's selfish. It's unfair. And I have zero tolerance for one-sided relationships of any kind.

There are some people that I will always love but I definitely don't always like them. I understand that we all have faults and no one's perfect, but hey, you can't expect to be hypocritical and judgmental of others and for everyone to be okay with that because some of us aren't. I know I'm not. My Facebook account is not only my Facebook account and while I never include sensitive info, my journal is also my journal. If I've got something to say in my accounts, I'll say it. So should you in your accounts WITHOUT questioning the rights of others to do the very same thing in their accounts. :-)

I have gone over and over again in my mind whether or not I should wish Tammy a happy birthday and happy anniversary on Facebook later this week but then decided against it because she hasn't responded to my last message.

Although Tom still has hearing issues, both of us have been feeling great and enjoying life. I'm sleeping so much better and getting a lot more done.

There are so many sites these days for blogs, journals, diaries...whatever you want to call them. Each site has features I love. However, one only needs so many places to drop their journal and because I'm busier these days, I don't have as much time for socializing. Therefore, I'm going to discontinue this blog for a while, but if Prosebox ever shuts down I'll start writing here again. Anyone wishing to continue following me can do so over there.

Take care for now!

Thursday, August 9, 2018


The “blood sun” that’s visible in the early part of the day due to the wildfires, which are now the largest in California’s history, is a bit spooky. Firefighters from New Zealand and Australia have come over to help fight it. I can sometimes smell faint traces of smoke when I’m outside. It’s a damn good thing we didn’t move to Redding! When considering places upon coming down from Oregon, Redding was one of the places we considered.
Tom’s appointment yesterday turned out to be a waste of $30 because he was told they don’t have a hearing aid for his type of distortion. And they couldn’t tell him this before because…???
So I guess it’s back to the ENT to be rendered deaf in that ear. They inject some chemical into the nerve. He would rather not hear at all in that ear than for there to be so much annoying distortion and ringing. He still wonders if there’s something else wrong that they may have missed, something with the nerve.
I wouldn’t mind a little deafness myself with what’s about to go down here in the park. My God, I am so fucking sick of all the daytime noise here! Today, as well as Monday and Tuesday, they’re going to be grinding and repaving parts of nearby roads. It’s just one thing after another and it totally gets old. It will only be a matter of days too, before the next project. This is easily the noisiest place I’ve ever lived. Not even the nights are always quiet when you’ve got so many planes running around up there. I’m just dumbfounded by all the noise being in an adult community of all places. I lived in Phoenix for 6 years and only once did they do road work there. But this is the 4th or 5th time in the 5 years we’ve been here. Plus there’s still the daily landscaping that should be only once a week like most places, and there have also been more home renovations/services in the 5 years I’ve been here than in all the places I’ve lived in combined. I won’t get into how many loud vehicles I have to deal with as well. Sure, I’ve got headphones I could throw on but I shouldn’t have to live that way, especially in a place like this. I really thought retirement communities were quiet and maybe some of them are. Just not this one. Probably still have another half a decade to go before he retires, but we’re both definitely looking forward to that day and moving to a warmer climate somewhere. Quiet is hard to get these days so I’ll settle for warmer and cheaper.
Decided to pull my stuff off of Amazon and hang that endeavor up because it’s just not worth working so hard for so little. The only way to make serious money as an author is to be either famous or infamous. Well, I’m never going to be either one of those and I don’t want to be either. Will definitely keep doing it for fun, though, and share some stories on various sites.
The only recent dream I remember is suddenly discovering that I was super flexible. Despite so much going on here, the new sleeping earbuds have allowed me to sleep better overall which means I’m remembering fewer dreams. But yeah, I was showing someone how I could squat real low and do the scissor splits, LOL. But I could only do the splits if I pressed my body against the leg that was extended in front of me.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

DIY Kits

Wasn’t going to do an entry tonight but then said what the hell? I was up forever and finally took a Melatonin. I slept shitty on and off for the next 10 hours. Traffic didn’t wake me up. I just kept waking up on my own. One time I got up to pee and mentally went through the dreams I remembered having. But by the time I got up for good I forgot them all. Oh well. Happens sometimes.
Took the bike out, first going around the circle, TV blasting as usual at the house across from Bob and Virginia, then down to the lake and back for one more loop around the circle. The weather was gorgeous. I only saw one vehicle that was pulling out from in front of the clubhouse which was a bit weird since that and the office closes by 6:00. Maybe it was one of the maintenance workers or something. They followed me back up to the corner here but didn’t enter the circle. I love it when there are no cars so I can go barreling down the hills. I still have to break a little bit when going around corners just in case someone’s coming, which sort of slows me down when coming back uphill, so it’s a definite workout for my legs!
So I got up, exchanged texts with my bestie, then later Kim, and found my first perfume atomizer waiting for me. It’s Light Blue. I’ve had this before but it’s a good one. Very strong and spicy smelling. I give it about an 8 or 9 on a scale 1 to 10. Great travel size for when we go to Hawaii.
I’m all excited about these DIY kits I accidentally discovered on Amazon where you build little doll houses of sorts. They’re not for dolls or anything. They’re just 3D decorative miniature rooms of various kinds. They have whole houses, bedrooms, offices, coffee shops, greenhouses, art studios and much more. They’re very inexpensive as well. I’m going to start with a $25 dome house which is predominantly pink, my favorite color, and has a rotating musical base. I guess it takes an average of 20 hours to assemble it. It should be way fun! It has LED lights in it so if you do a bedroom that has a chandelier or a lamp, it lights up. It basically looks like any room or home would look like that was lit up at night.
This is the one I’m getting:

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blood Moon & Woods

The only dreams I remember last night had to do with asking somebody to get me an inhaler. Then these two young girls that I would often pass by on the street when out walking telling me that every time I pass by them I’m wearing the same shirt. It seemed to be some gray shirt with writing on it and unlike anything I would actually wear. I told them maybe next time I would surprise them with something different.
In real life, last night’s blood moon was pretty cool when I was out riding my bike. I wasn’t content to stick to the circle so I went down to the lake and back.
Got my white chocolate mocha tea today and it’s weird as hell. Going to give it to my friend to try when I see her. She’s just a few months away now which is pretty damn exciting!
Even though I’m definitely not going to lose any more than the five pounds I’ve lost, I’m going to keep up with the extra walking because that way I at least know I’m getting enough exercise and I’m not likely to put the lost weight back on easily.
Checked out my childhood home which was next to my maternal grandparents on Google Maps and was blown away by what I saw. There used to be woods behind our houses in the 70s that extended quite a ways, like several blocks or so. There are still some trees behind our place, but gone are the woods behind Nana and Pa’s place where Pa used to dump his lawn mower clippings. Now it’s someone else’s backyard and there’s a dividing fence between the yards. They appear to have extended the dead end, as were most of the streets off of Frank Smith, back further. The one behind us. Huge mansions are now present that make our house look puny.
Nana and Papa would not like it at all. Now, instead of looking out their den window at their backyard and the woods just beyond, they would see their backyard, a wall, and the tops of houses beyond it. I can just imagine how much noisier it must have gotten, too. The bulldozing of all those trees, which is kind of sad, and the erecting of the new house and wall must have provided plenty of noise for the neighbors as it was. I can also imagine what the place will look like in another 40 years. I would guess that eventually the yards will be mostly gone and the houses will be just a few feet apart like they tend to be in the West.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Tea, Rat Tote, Amberen, Perfume & Dreams

Thought I would do some writing while I'm waiting for my misting fan to be delivered. That should definitely help keep me cooler on the treadmill. I swear if there's any time I do wish it was winter it's when I'm working out or sleeping.

Ordered a tea sampler of different kinds of black tees on Amazon, the adorable rat tote with a picture of a young Berkshire rat on it, plus my Amberen. Fatigue has definitely been picking up so that's why I'm getting the Amberen. It's a miracle that I got in an hour on the treadmill with how tired I've been so far today. I had a second cup of coffee and that seemed to perk me up a bit but it's short-lived.

The first perfume atomizer from the perfume subscription I joined should arrive at the end of the week.

Now to catch up on dreams. I had some dream about dust blowing in through the wall outlets. At first, I was confused as hell and had no idea where it was coming from. But then I looked out the window and saw that the park had cut down tons of trees and the dust was coming from that.

Then I had some dream of discovering on the phone that Tammy had left a message a while back. So I decided to check other devices to see if there were messages I'd missed from others.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

RIP Burke

Got up tired today but went to Dairy Queen to spoil ourselves with blizzards for the first time in a while.
We came back, ate the blizzards while we watched TV, then we went to change the rats’ cage. That’s when we noticed Burkey had gone.
I had looked at the cage when I got up to see if anyone was at the door begging for bread but there wasn’t so I just went about doing whatever I was doing.
There are four bushes in back of the house and we buried him between one of them. The other two will go between the other bushes. Poor Tom, though. He got stung by yellow jackets when he hit a nest but then got his revenge on the flying bastards by spraying them.
Hard to tell if the other two are sad or if they’re just inactive because they are old, after all, and I don’t expect them to live much longer. I just can’t believe they’re all from the same litter. Especially Dumbo. Can a Siamese rat come from the same litter a Berkshire rat came from? I have my doubts. Knowing how crazy the people were that we got them from, I can’t even trust that they were all born on May 13, 2016, like she said. All three litters born on the same day? She would have to have an awful lot of rats for those odds to occur. But we know they’re plenty old enough just by the amount of time we’ve had them and by how old they look and act.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Water. That’s another pattern I see. 5 years of water issues in Maricopa, 5 years of water issues in Auburn, and 5 years of water issues here is definitely something we have shitty luck with. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if water is going to be an issue for us for the rest of our lives.
The night before last, I noticed the water was off at 10:30. Given how late it was I worried at first that the problem was us. By the time I crashed at 1:00, the water was still off.
In the morning, Tom not only called into work since he still has days off but also went out walking at around 7:30 and spotted one of the maintenance guys. He said the guy said it actually started leaking at 5:30 but because someone’s house began to flood, he couldn’t leave it on all night and had to turn it off at 9:30. He said it would be back on by 2:00 but it was around 9:00 when it was back on.
Really, I’m sick of this shit! It may be a picnic compared to the extreme health issues I was going through but it still gets old. So much for thinking I would be safe waiting to shower at night.
I finished my project for camp and today I’ll begin editing. Don’t know yet if I’m going to submit it to my Amazon publishers or not.
Tom got his surprise electronics box yesterday which he gets every few months. Deciding I wouldn’t mind being surprised myself, I’m thinking I might sign up for one of those $10 perfume subscriptions and let them surprise me with a 30-day atomizer each month. I couldn’t find a perfume and nail polish combo and I don’t want to do a makeup one because I think they would send me too many things I didn’t need or want. I don’t need more than one tube of mascara but I can never get enough perfume!
Last night I dreamed about someone that named their daughters Hope, Paige, and Faith and thought how boring and ugly those names were.
Then I dreamed I was telling Tom that we should swap couches periodically in my second childhood home which we were living in. Apparently, there were four or five couches, some of them being fairly new, down in the basement.
In the next dream, it was nighttime when I saw Tom pull in. A bus was close behind. I knew I had to be on that bus but that it would be there a few minutes, so I ran to the bathroom. It had to do with Valleyhead though I don’t know how. Before this, I was on the phone with Tom, concerned that he may have to be away for a few days for something beyond his control. I asked how many days he thought he would be gone and he said he didn’t know.
In the last dream, I was in a room watching something on a large screen TV at the crack of dawn. I paused whatever I was watching and went into a bathroom in which a chilly breeze was blowing in through the window and closed it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

GYN Appointment

“Want some cantaloupe?” I asked Tom.
“We’re already married so we cantaloupe,” he said.
Went to my GYN and that went ok. We stopped at Walmart afterward but they were out of stock of Mometasone. That was fine, though, because he’s going to stop after work tomorrow anyway to pick some things up so he’ll get it then.
When we got home, Dr. G’s nurse left a message while he was enjoying the cooked hot dog and macaroni and cheese he got and I was partially enjoying my overcooked breaded shrimp and tilapia. I called back and she told me the same exact thing the doctor told me barely an hour ago. *rolls eyes*
The bad thing is that my right hip started killing me yesterday. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to continue working out this hard. I’ve taken today off and have had to take Ibuprofen and ice it. Other than a bum hip, I’ve been feeling wonderfully calm. I know the meds are going to catch up to me sooner or later, though.
I got the toe rings and they’re just slightly big. These are the ones with colored flowers and colored butterflies. They make for a good backup if anything happens to the toe rings I’m wearing right now.
We went to the pool at 4:00 and it was absolutely gorgeous. There were a few people there that were nice. The water was beautiful and it was fun.
I put a tea sampler in the cart for our next Amazon order, plus I’m also going to try white chocolate mocha tea which ought to be interesting.
I also found an adorable tote bag with a picture of a Berkshire rat on both sides. They have all kinds of animals and quite a variety of each one, too. I wish I could have found a review on the ones I checked out to see if anyone says the picture isn’t as clear as it appears to be online.
I have half a dozen or so more bronze figurines waiting for our big December order. I’ve got a few embracing couples and some ballerinas.

Monday, July 23, 2018


We did an Amazon order yesterday, most of which arrived the same day. When Tom decided all my walking was inspiring him, he decided to get some pedals for $60 that he could use at his desk. He really wanted one for a couple hundred dollars that had a seat but it wasn’t available. If he’s not happy with this one he’ll get it when it’s back in stock.
I ordered another K-Cup sampler box and went right for that wonderful wild raspberry when I got up today.
I also got a 12-pack of my Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs, a personal misting fan which hasn’t arrived yet.
My right hip started acting up like it does when I do a lot of exercising but fortunately it’s not that bad. I’m trying to make a point of doing stretching exercises more often.
I dreamed we bought a beautiful modern three bedroom, two story house with a killer view. It definitely wasn’t that isolated and it was definitely somewhere in the desert. The houses weren’t set nearly as close as they are here but they weren’t hundreds of feet away either, at least not in all directions. But out of one window, I could see a vast valley of ocotillo plants and desert sage and things like that.
I can’t remember the layout of the first floor but I clearly saw the upper floor as having the master bedroom with a bathroom off of it on one side of the hallway while the other bedrooms and a bathroom that was between them were on the other side.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Bras and Rings

My new workout bras arrived and they’re much more colorful in person than they appear to be online. They fit great too.
I also got the opal and diamond ring which is absolutely gorgeous, and a silver toe ring with sun designs that fits great.
Went to Walmart yesterday morning and loaded up on mostly fruits and veggies. Instead of two meals a day, I want to have just one and have fruits and veggies throughout the rest of the day.
I had a dream I was chatting with Kathleen and she was curious about my past. I said that although a lot of it wasn’t great, I wasn’t ashamed of it and wasn’t going to kid anyone about it or play it down to sound better either.
“You really want to know? The answers are right here,” I said handing her a printout of my bio.
She took it and said she would read it over the weekend.