Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Life in 1302 Words

I usually include a bio about my life as a whole as well as my day-to-day life in my blogs and journals. However, I decided that rather than go on and on with a highly detailed account that's hundreds of pages (given that I now have nearly half a century of experiences) I decided to make it as brief and as to the point as I can. I'm going to condense as much info as I can into as few words as possible, not that this won't still be somewhat long.

I am a liberal woman born in 1965 in Massachusetts to a very controlling and judgmental mom and a passive father. Too passive. He sat back and did absolutely nothing to stop his wife from abusing their kids. Most of it was verbal and emotional abuse, though sometimes it got physical.

I have a sister and brother. Tammy is still alive and she is 8 years older than me. My brother, Larry, was 12 years older than me and he died of liver cancer a few years ago. As a matter of fact he and my parents all died in 2012. My mother had a stroke and my father had a heart attack. They were 80 years old, and my brother was 58.

All three of the grandparents that I knew died at age 75, one in 1983 and the others in 1985. My nephew also died at age 16 in a traffic accident.

Much of my immediate family, as well as aunts, uncles and cousins didn't get along. Sometimes we didn't even speak to each other. Today I am in touch with my sister and two of my four nieces, as well as a distant cousin. Most of them now live in Florida and I'm guessing I will live there one day as well.

My childhood could be anything but pleasant at times, and I even became suicidal in my teens as well as a award of the state. I was in a couple of psychiatric facilities as well as foster homes and a long term residential school for girls.

I'm a short, green-eyed brunette going gray. Although I have been pretty healthy most of my life, I have had some problems along the way... a deformed left ear which I totally regret them operating on when I was 10 years old (plastic surgery), and then again when I was 29 years old to drill a canal. The surgery I had when I was 29 was necessary, however, because it was thought that I might have a tumor, but it ended up giving me problems later on in life. The damaged nerve endings cause aching and sensitivity at times.

I've also had to deal with asthma and allergies, although quitting smoking in 1997 has minimized those problems.

I'm farsighted and wear bifocals. I hate wearing glasses but there's no way around it at this point.

My favorite color is pink and I love seafood and Chinese cuisine. I hate salty, spicy and citrus flavors. I like most kinds of music, but not gospel, jazz or heavy metal.

I don't know if there's a God or not, but I know I don't believe in religion because of the way it is overly structured and teaches people to hate those who are different than them.

I also don't know if I believe in the afterlife, ghosts, angels or devils. Maybe things happen for a reason, but maybe they don't.

I have a very debilitating sleep disorder, but I'll skip that one because too many people don't get it, and well, I don't feel I owe the world an explanation. Let's just say it makes keeping a schedule long term nearly impossible.

After spending most of my life on the slim side, I noticed I was gaining weight and that diet and exercise wasn't helping other than to get me stronger. I wrote it off to age at first until that, combined with other symptoms, made me suspect that something was wrong with my thyroid or that I had diabetes. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in early 2014. I've never been able to lose the weight, which is about 30 extra pounds, but I did stop gaining.

I also have high cholesterol, but I'm not worried about it. I try not to take any medication unless I absolutely have to because I am prone to side effects. From mid to late 2014 I had terrifying effects when I had pockets of activity in my thyroid flareup, flipping me from hypo to hyper.

I left home right before I turned 19. I had a total of three apartments in Springfield, Massachusetts from 1985-1991.

For nearly a year I lived in South Deerfield, Massachusetts before moving down to Norwich, Connecticut near where my sister lived with her first husband at the time, which also wasn't too far from the beach my family used to spend its summers at. I actually lived in the projects because I was low income and on disability at the time, and the place caused me to have a nervous breakdown.

Following the breakdown, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1992 where my close friend, Andy, lived at the time. In 1993 I met my husband Tom, and we were married in 1994. We never had children in which I'm glad for, even if it means not having anyone to help see us through the golden years. Instead we've mostly had a variety of rodents, rats being our favorite for their intelligence.

After having a grand total of four apartments, I moved into Tom's house. I wasn't impressed with the house because it was older and didn't have the greatest layout. I loved that it had a pool in the backyard, but the worst thing about it was definitely the freeloaders next-door. These welfare bums drove me absolutely crazy with loud noise, trash and vandalism, and after we all eventually moved, they used their connections in law-enforcement, played the race card together, and legally raked me over the coals. I was eventually vindicated, but not before I could suffer an untold amount of stress, frustration and mental anguish, and lose thousands of dollars, countless hours of sleep, and 180 days of freedom.

We left Phoenix in 1999 for rural Maricopa. In 2004 we left Arizona for good and headed for Klamath Falls, Oregon. I hated the cold and the snow there, though I do miss some aspects of small town living.

We came to NorCal in 2007 and struggled financially until 2011, then bought a house in an adult community in 2013.

In my younger years I have done housekeeping as well as exotic dancing with a little bit of singing mixed in after I had some training. I have been a very content homemaker and writer for many years now, and I don't give a damn about those who look down upon my type and consider us "old fashion." I'm happy and that's all that matters.

I am an Amazon author who writes in support of equality, and a part-time detective. The latter I'm not at liberty to discuss.

I have had both boyfriends and girlfriends before meeting my wonderful husband who has always loved and accepted me as I am. He is also in good health. He just has a little high blood pressure. He is a hard worker who is capable of learning almost anything.

Whether you want to call it psychic, intuitive or something else, I have had dream premonitions on and off throughout most of my life, especially as I have gotten older. I prefer not to have these because they are almost always in a negative way when I do.

My hobbies either have or still do consist of singing, dancing, creative writing, keeping a journal as I have since 1987, reading, music, winning sweepstakes and contests, doll collecting, working out and studying foreign languages.

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