Friday, December 29, 2017


January: I saw my new endocrinologist. I liked her way better than my old one. She was much more informative, caring and knowledgeable, though a bit stern at times. She doubled my levothyroxine dose from 25 mcgs to 50 mcgs and then eventually to 75 mcgs.

We got Amazon Echo’s Alexa.

February: Got a new MacBook Air, new smartphones, and sold our 1994 Ford Taurus after getting a 2003 Cadillac Seville.

Our Sugar ratty died and we got a new rat named Cappy to live with Hoodie. He’s been antisocial and a bit of a bully.

Exchanged voice messages on Facebook with Irene in Austria in both English and German.

Also got in touch with Raj, the Indian guy who owns one of the motels we stayed at up in Oregon. I learned he had a crush on me and I found him to be rather perverted.

March: Painted the laundry room light blue, and got an 8-foot strip of rainbow tape lighting.

English actress Jenny Seagrove started following me on Twitter.

I had an ingrown toenail removed.

April: Was disappointed that Jodi Arias didn’t receive the death penalty.

Was put on Prozac for anxiety, but had to stop due to it giving me suicidal thoughts. Met with my counselor S, and decided I liked her better than Dana.

Replaced our wall faceplates throughout the house with decorative plates.

May: Got my hair cut to my shoulders.

Was sad to learn my Italian foster dad died, but happy to get a new kitten named Simone.

June: Celebrated our 21st anniversary, and got dumped by Paula after suggesting that two weeks was too long to stay here after she decided on her own that that was how long she would stay. She took it wrong when I tried to explain why it would pose a hardship on everybody, not to mention quickly bore her, and she believed I really didn’t want to see her.

To be honest, I was glad when she dumped me because I was sick of dealing with her stupid, aggressive and selfish ways.

Painted the master bath buttercream.

Thrilled and surprised to see marriage equality become a reality.

July: Had to return Simone to the adoption agency because she triggered my asthma. Very sad day.

Completed my book Rainstorm.

Found a couple of cousins online and gave them a piece of my mind for the first time in 30 years, but don’t know if they actually got or read the messages.

August: Had an eye exam and got new designer transition progressive glasses. They looked good on me but I hate the “waviness” of progressives. Planned to return to regular bifocals next time.

Got a bunch of adult coloring books, colored pencils, gel pens, and markers.

September: Andy learns a fellow NA member is Ricky, Fran’s brother.

Saw my dentist. No cavities. Endo wants to raise me from 75 mcgs to 88 mcgs.

Began writing a book called Bringing Brynn Back.

October: Been cigarette-free for 18 years.

Installed a new ceiling fan and a dazzling “crystal” chandelier.

Had my worst asthma attack in 10 years.

Began watching Criminal Minds after finishing Law & Order SVU.

Joined Pinterest and loved it.

Labs were normal but anxiety was so bad that I had to go back to 75 mcgs. Tom’s blood pressure medication dosage was doubled.

Installed our new motion sensor toilets.

November: Realized that my parents didn’t lose custody of me when I was in my teens but that they willingly gave me up. Don’t know why it took so many years to hit me. Maybe a part of me just didn’t want it to.

My bike was stolen and we ordered Stowabikes for both of us.

Got a detangling brush and a straightening brush. Loved them both! Fell in love with Dollhouse Pink lipstick, too.

Got a new wireless solar keyboard in silver. Best keyboard ever.

December: Cholesterol was down. Met with my PCP and shrink.

Bummed to see the house diagonally from us up for sale.

Got lots of nice things for my 50th birthday, and we also got a PR1000 Bowflex home gym.

Began entering sweeps again and won a few small things, including an adult coloring book.

Ended my friendship with Andy (it was mutual) as I was tired of his arrogant, immature, selfish, stupid, hypocritical, judgmental ways.

Tom got an award of excellence at work.

I began doing aerobics at the clubhouse.

Received some lovely gifts from my top cyber buddy, Alison.

We both got kick-ass colds we suspected may’ve really been the flu, and reapplied a spell to help better our lives since my anxiety had been horrible. So much so that I would soon be starting Lexapro and hoping for the best. Ordered a home testing kit to see if I had an adrenal imbalance not detected in blood tests. One that uses saliva.

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