Sunday, July 3, 2016

South Deerfield, Massachusetts

There isn't much to say about the tiny town of South Deerfield, Massachusetts because I didn't even live there for a year. One of my asthma attacks caused me to have to go to the ER one night where I met a friendly nurse named Kim. We hit it off right away and became friends, and found that we have several things in common. She told me about South Deerfield and how much cleaner and safer it was than Springfield. She lived in one of two apartments on the third floor of a business that supplied lumber for homes with her husband. He was a police officer in a neighboring town.

In the spring of 1991, I moved into the apartment next to her and her husband. She was busy a lot and Andy had moved to Arizona. Most of my time in South Deerfield was depressing and lonely. I even got in trouble for prank calling a woman named Maliheh that I met in a gay bar and that I felt led me on and was very rude to me in the end.

While the apartment I had was spacious, unique, modern and totally gorgeous, I definitely didn't have much of a life to go with it. I struggled financially and felt very alone much of the time.

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