Saturday, July 2, 2016

Springfield, Massachusetts

A few days before my 19th birthday I moved out on my own in Springfield, Massachusetts. This was in the mid-80s. I started in a 1-bedroom apartment on the ground floor. I moved to another 1-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor in the same building but around the corner. After two years, I left the building and headed to another section of town where I had a 1-bedroom apartment on the second floor of a subsidized building for low-income people since I was then put on disability. After another two years in this building, I returned to my fourth-floor apartment, the building now under new management. This was in 1989.

During my time in Springfield, I would have a handful of boyfriends and girlfriends, most of which weren't very serious. The two that stand out in my mind the most are Brenda and Kacey.

I also had a handful of friends and acquaintances there. My friendship with Jenny ended (along with my relationship with my brother who basically abandoned the whole family), but another childhood friend, Jessie, was a friend while I was there.

I was also friends with an older woman for a while named Emily, a young troubled woman named Paula, and a couple of losers named Fran and Kevin (Nervous).

My most prominent friend was a gay guy named Andy. Our parents had been friends in the 70s.

My most memorable neighbors were an old couple named Eddy and Josephine (Jo), Nancy, Jai, Steve, Hank, Nelly, and two old sisters named Anna and Julia.

Being young, single, and more sociable back in those days, there are too many people to list.

Before I was put on disability I did a few menial jobs... worked at a concession stand, McDonald's, housekeeping in a hotel as well as houses, and waitressing.

My most memorable coworkers were Paula (the one I ended up being friends with for nearly 30 years), Michelle (who briefly lived with me and had an affair with my brother along with a million others), Linda and Norah. Norah was a bitch from England who was one of the hotel supervisors, but I still had a crush on her despite her snobbery.

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