Monday, August 15, 2016

Dizzy Days

LOL, somebody's getting a little too used to his freedom. Love how Burkey boy also likes to interact and play with me and not just roam around. The others have no interest in leaving home, but that’s ok. One very fast, curious and playful rat is enough of a handful for me. :)

I felt like shit yesterday. I was super dizzy and fatigued. Felt better after I tossed down one of those deep-dish pizzas for one. A connection? IDK, but I’m documenting everything I feel and do to try to figure out what triggers it and what helps it since I think it’s pretty safe to assume my PCP isn’t going to do much for me. I guess I’ll find that out for sure next month when I go to the lab and see her. The only problem is that I would still be afraid to take anything for it.

Will be documenting my BP, too. Really hope the top number being high isn’t the new norm for me, but I have a feeling it is. Tammy confirmed that dad had high BP. Thought he did.

We may get smarter with age, but we definitely don’t get healthier, LOL. Oh, I’m still pretty strong and fit for my age, but everything’s either too high or too low. Low thyroid, high cholesterol, low estrogen, high BP.

I miss the days of not knowing what an autoimmune disease was, having never heard of Hashimoto’s, and not giving a millisecond of a thought to things like cholesterol and BP.

Life is otherwise totally awesome and for every way I’m not so lucky I’m lucky in 100 ways. :) Did some cleaning, some writing, and a handful of other things. I think I’ll go ski to my show soon.

First, last night I dreamed that Doc O was driving us somewhere. Although very knowledgeable and helpful in her field, she had a bit of a stern personality and I felt slightly uncomfortable with her. I wondered if she felt the same. I began to make some small talk to lighten the mood a bit, knowing she was also a very pleasant and friendly person when she wasn’t barking orders at you.

I asked something about why she had certain people or what types of people she added to her phone contacts. I don’t remember what her answer was, but I said something about having the most important friends, family and doctors in my contacts.

The doc flashed me a smile as kind as her brown eyes were dull. Her wiry dark brown and gray hair was pulled back in a short ponytail.

Then I was in a large restaurant that was mostly empty. I had a rat on my shoulder and he (Burke?) wanted to get down and play. So I let him run around and explore a bit and would call him back to me if he ventured too far away.

We soon came upon a spot where a woman had placed her handbag on the floor. Burke ran up to it and nestled alongside it. The woman, stout with long straight blonde hair, approached us with a worried expression on her face. I quickly snatched up the rat and ran off, not knowing what she might do to us.

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