Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hallo Nachbarschaft

Met the new neighbors. They seem like very nice, outgoing people.

Played with the rats a bit. They’re almost full grown, but still have a ways to go. Simon’s the least friendly, but he tolerates being handled and has no problem taking food from my hand. Dumbo’s the most playful, and Burkey boy’s my soft, shiny cuddly fave.

Burke and Dumbo are playing “pin the opponent” now. Boxing was earlier, but now Burke’s doing a good job of pinning Dumbo onto his back. I’m not surprised. He’s the dominant rat, after all. They’re so cute to watch. I gotta make a vid some night of them playing. They get up around 7pm.

I’m totally loving my new skier. HR averages 126 on it. A little low for me, but still up there. Fitbit thinks I’m using an elliptical machine, since the arms move in a similar motion.

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