Sunday, August 28, 2016

Normal T4 All Along, Duh

So I’m sitting there looking at my lab results and the range they want you in, and then it suddenly hit me… my T4 is normal. Always has been. Duh! Yeah, that’s how shitty I am with numbers. It’s 1.2. All hell breaks loose at 1.4. That’s when I have the anxiety that goes beyond anxiety and straight into the realm of terror where I’m afraid to be alone and swear I’m about to die. Only my TSH is a bit high. Not sure how one can be off while the other is normal, but apparently it can be.

Anyway, my only real physical complaint now, besides earaches, is that the lightheadedness and fatigue seem to be returning. So am I going to be this way every other week or what?

Spending more time on Twitter and other social media instead of Facebook. It’s not just the lack of privacy on Facebook, but the same old topics and people I’m so fucking sick of hearing about. 

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