Saturday, August 6, 2016


To get the bad news out of the way first… Tammy has bronchial pneumonia and I’m lightheaded again. Wonder how many months it’ll last this time since most things don’t seem to be short and sweet for me.

The annoying news… I’ve heard loud vehicles for most of the last 10 hours. I still don’t understand why there’s so much traffic in an adult community that doesn’t lead to anywhere. This is a gated community with security that patrols the place, especially at night. Outsiders can’t just wander in.

The typical news… Still skiing away, but doubt I’ll lose more than a few pounds.

The frustrating news… I injured my shoulder planking, said “fuck it” to my diet, and ate like a pig tonight. It was fun. You should try it some time. Just not the shoulder part.

The scary news… they laid off 25 people where Tom works, though not in his area. We dodged a bullet this time, but within the next two years, a layoff is extremely likely. Not just because most jobs eventually lay you off, but also because the company’s slowly going under. Not sure how they can afford to pay him so much OT as it is, though he’s not working Saturday this week. Still, I’m not buying anything I don’t absolutely need.

Poverty doesn’t scare me as much as it once did after the shit I went through with my health, and yes, I’d rather be poor than suffer, but neither of us wants to lose this place either. We don’t want to stay in this park or in this state forever, but we do want to leave it on our terms. Besides, scary or not, I still could never make it on the streets. I could downsize to a dump in a dumpier area, but I couldn’t be homeless, not that I think it’ll come to that. My dreams will warn me if trouble is near, though. At least they did last time. The economy may not be as bad as 5 years ago, and we may have the 401K, but an aging white man can’t just quickly get a job. And don’t give me that shit about “white privilege” cuz it’s bullshit.

The funny news… When I opened the cage doors, my boys came charging at me for the treats I had ready to serve. So cute!

The interesting news… Thinking of Rosemarie today. I realized that today is her birthday. Pretty sure she’s a year older than me. Yeah, it’s been a quarter century since I saw the good looking bitch who deserved the piece of shit she had for a boyfriend, but I never forgot her very brief time in my life. Can’t help but wonder to this day… how different might she have been if she weren’t under the influence of Rick?

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