Saturday, August 6, 2016

Running into Old Friends in Dreams

Still feeling dizzy at times. Guessing it’s not going anywhere any more than my weight is and will just have to live with it. At least the skiing and proper eating will keep it stable. It better or else something else may be up.

Tom said he’s actually gained weight since eating right so he’s going back to some of his unhealthier foods. LOL, we both got some junk late last night on a run to Walgreen's. Only difference is I do eat a lot less than him regardless of if it’s healthy or not, and I do exercise more.

He got some exercise today working outside. Until he hit his head on the maple tree, that is. Then we went down to the lake after the sun set and the temp dropped a bit. Hay muchos patos ahora.

Ran into Aly in my dreams last night. First I yelled angrily at her, then bawled my eyes out like an idiot. She wasn’t just an inch taller like in real life, though. Instead, she had half a foot on me.

I just have to keep in mind that as much as I may sometimes miss the good times, she wasn’t any truer of a friend than Nane and Andy ever were. Nane and Andy were judgmental hypocrites and Aly was a liar who never truly gave a shit about me.

I just don’t get why it’s been harder to file Aly away in the past than the others. There was no physical attraction between us like there was with Nane, and we didn’t have the history Andy and I had.

Also had a dream about some kind of change taking place at Tom’s place of work in 3 weeks. They’re not due to lay any more people off till January, though. Or maybe he’ll be given a task that’ll take 3 weeks? We’ll find out sooner or later if the dream means anything, but I’m guessing it doesn’t.

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