Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Skiing in Summer

My new “hip joint friendly” skier has arrived! It definitely has a much smaller (and lighter) footprint than the treadmill. That treadmill damn near weighs as much as I weigh!

Do I think increasing my exercise to an hour a day will cause me to lose weight? No, I don’t. Not as a middle-aged female with Hashimoto's. I do, however, expect it to make it harder to gain weight, and keep me fit and strong with good flexibility and stamina. I’m also hoping it will lower my bad cholesterol. Plus, I’ve got the Bowflex as well.

Thinking I’ll post old journal highlights by the month on my-diary, Tumblr and LiveJournal, and by the year on Blogger and Prosebox.

Last night I dreamed I was swimming indoors somewhere with a handful of other people. I don’t know if I was on a ship or what, but I felt wonderful. The temperature of the water was perfect, the huge room we were in was gorgeous, and the soft music playing was beautiful as well. I felt my eyes sting with happy tears and I tried not to let them spill over thus causing me to be a little embarrassed.

A split second later I was in some ocean or lake with a U-shaped shoreline. It was pitch dark and I could barely make out my surroundings or any of the people around me as we all scrambled for shore. I swam into some brush dangling over the side and realized I could now touch the bottom. A minute later I was out of the water and we were heading down a dark deserted street. We came upon an old telephone barely visible under a streetlight. Somebody tried to call out from it to let others know where we were, but it wouldn’t work.

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