Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Dizzies Return

Just thought I’d do some writing while I wait for the temperature to drop a bit.  Better for working out. Was thinking I’d ski to a 40-minute show, then do 20 more minutes outdoors. Gotta Bowflex too, and then tackle of slew of writing projects.

I have officially ended my affair with Fred Flintstone. Due to my size, I would take kiddy vitamins, but surprisingly enough, I’ve had even more energy since I stopped taking them. Funny too, cuz even Tom says vitamins make him tired. I figured that if I eat right then I should get a sufficient amount from food.

Pinterest gave themselves a new look and I personally hate it when sites make unnecessary changes like that. It’s a pain having to get used to the new way of doing things when the old way worked just fine. The only good to this change, which I hope won’t become a regular occurrence, is that avatars are larger.

Unfortunately, the dizziness I had really enjoyed a break from is returning and I’m not sure why. I thought I was over that shit, but I guess I can’t expect to never feel dizzy again. We all feel lightheaded/dizzy at times. I just hope it doesn’t get as bad as it was a few months ago.

Other than that, things are running smoothly. Down 1.5 pounds in the last two days, but still don’t expect to lose much more. The most important thing right now is exercising and eating low cholesterol so I can get better numbers at the lab next month.

Not expecting any changes in thyroid levels. I can tell by how thick and fast my hair is growing that I’m not low on that. Could still be borderline, though. Anything less than 75mcgs and my hair thins and stops growing.

Totally NOT looking forward to seeing my PCP AND my dentist AND the sleep specialist. We both have our doubts as far as him fixing my non-24 problem, and as for sleeping shitty and waking up a lot… that’s just part of my never-ending perimenopause. I do feel like I’m getting closer to menopause, though, based on how long this has gone on and most of the symptoms lessening. Still hot flash at times but have been anxiety-free and am determined to stay that way, especially since that’s been the worst symptom for me.

Should be going to an eye doc soon. We both need new glasses, but our insurance company was playing games with us. We’re just trying to avoid specialists so they don’t jump on things that are just borderline. He does have a cataract growing in one eye but isn’t anywhere close to needing surgery. My OH is probably still borderline, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got glaucoma.

Pretty sure Nane showed up in my dreams last night, but don’t remember how. I do remember a large brown rat following me into a hotel room. It hopped alongside me down the walkway and to the door. When I opened the door it hopped into the room, then had fun jumping in and out of the peephole that was only a foot high and much wider than normal.

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