Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time for an Update

I guess I should finally update this blog. I've just been busy or not feeling well. Feeling great emotionally but not so great physically at the moment. Still get intermittent lightheadedness and sometimes an upset stomach and heartburn. And oh, the fatigue! I seem to get fatigued when I get dizzy. I guess I still have enough hormones to give me some PMS symptoms, but not quite enough to start a period. I don’t know if I’m done for good or not. I just want the dizzies to go away and stay away!

My mind wants to do all kinds of things, but my body would rather lie around and not do much, and even when I’ve slept well I can still feel tired. Labs are just a couple weeks away.

We took my BP a few times and the top number is in the 160s. That’s where Tom was before going on BP meds, but his other number was also bad. My bottom number is fine. Man, I’m sick of all these fucking health issues, though. I can’t keep taking different medications. I’m too sensitive to them and prone to side effects.

Despite not feeling the greatest and slacking off on my writing projects, we went for a bike ride when the sun was coming up and there was just enough light to see but the glare of the sunlight and heat had yet to set in. It was nice, though we’re a little out of shape for that particular exercise right now. These hills would probably kill most people here, LOL. It’s like doing cardio and strength training at once. Going down the “rollercoaster” is fun, though.

Then we changed the Cheeto whores’ cage. Wish they’d stop burying their food because then I can’t tell how much is in there.

Talked to Tammy a couple days ago who sounded better than expected. She got a huge scare when she had an allergic reaction to things in the air and her throat, esophagus and lungs closed up. Unfortunately she got her own taste of fearing she was about to die. I can just imagine how horrifying it must’ve been. They almost put her on a ventilator. She’s on steroids and all kinds of other shit.

She told me a mix of good and bad with the girls, but will not elaborate in public.

Two dream people (women?) and I were chased through the woods, though I don’t know who was doing the chasing.

Then I dreamed that I watched a beach video of Aly’s and thought it looked remarkably like the beach I spent my summers at as a kid.

Then Tom was auditioning for a band with his trombone, and I was saying how cool it would’ve been had Jesse’s trailer been inside a really large room because then it would be easier to heat and cool the tin dump.

Lastly, I had a dream my cousin Phil was wheeled past me in a wheelchair. He looked like he’d put on some weight since I last saw him and he seemed pretty out of it too, never saying a word as he passed by me.

Hmm... I'm guessing he's been having problems, though I'm as indifferent to any problems he may have as I am with any stranger.

I do wonder about Marie, though. Her account has been deactivated. I posted a note on my wall asking if anyone knows what’s up with her. She seemed to be doing well, but Marie has been known to take a tumble overnight, so anything’s possible.

The fucking water was off from 9:00 – 2:30 yesterday. I would’ve missed the notice too, had I not opened the front door to let some fresh air in. We only go out that door every day or two to get the mail. I anonymously let them know just what I thought about that and the motorcycles online by using fake details. Personally, I don’t care if they trace it back to me at this point. I’m fed up with the water issues being so frequent, nobody’s fault or not. Or is it? Pipes get old, yes, but Virginia said this has been going on since they moved in nearly 30 years ago.

I talked to Mr. “Twenties” briefly yesterday. I like him better than Mrs. Twenties so far. He was trimming the trees in front of his place cuz they were blocking the stop sign.

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