Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Walking On Air

I absolutely love my new skier! Or air walker, as they call it. It’s so quiet that it’s much easier to listen to audiobooks and watch shows while I’m using it. It’s much easier to move too, unlike the treadmill which damn near weighs as much as me, and it leaves a smaller footprint, too.

The HR reading is definitely low while the calorie count is too high. It tried to tell me I burned 300 cals in just 10 minutes. No way. That usually takes about an hour of exertion. Also, it was saying my HR was in the 80s – 90s. That’s more like my resting HR. My walking HR is 120s – 130s, and when I break into a run it’s in the 140s – 150s.

I expected my hips or knees to be a bit sore today, but instead my calves are sore, especially the area right below the backs of my knees. Taking the day off to let them heal. After today, my regular workout schedule will be Monday – Friday with Wednesdays off on the Bowflex, and Monday – Friday on the skier. How much skiing time I do per day will depend on if I’m also walking outdoors. I’m not quitting hitting the open road, I’m just not going to run as much.

Tom can’t use it because it has a 225-pound weight limit. I’m worlds away from that, but I just beat the height requirement by an inch, LOL.

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