Friday, September 9, 2016

EKG & Stress Test

Saw my PCP this morning and it went well. However, I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere as far as solving the mystery of what’s making me fatigued and lightheaded a lot of the time. According to her numbers, I actually have good estrogen still. I was shocked to hear this after having what I really thought were symptoms of perimenopause all this time. If that’s not what I’m going through, then what hell might await me when I actually am?

We’re now wondering if my sleep issues could have a hand in it. It’s not just schedule issues I have, but I still wake up a lot. Today I feel the best I’ve felt since Tuesday, but who knows how I’m going to feel tomorrow or the next day?

I told her about Tammy's heart attack and she asked how old she was. I told her, and also the fact that she smokes and is inactive.

So they did an EKG, which looks good, and soon I’m going to be getting a call to schedule to have a stress test done. She said that at first she was going to send me directly to a cardiologist, but decided to start with just the stress test.

I told her that the anxiety has been great since the spring and she asked if I was still seeing S. I let her know she was on call and she was okay with that. When I told her it was too bad that Doc L left since she was the only shrink I ever met that wasn’t crazier than her patients, she laughed her ass off.

I told her I wasn’t sure if I was going to cancel the new shrink or not, since I don’t need the lorazepam too often, and she recommended waiting until it got closer since it takes three or four months to get an appointment.

She’s okay with me continuing on my own for a while longer as far as managing my own cholesterol goes, but I understand that sooner or later I’m going to have to go back on something.

Anyway, the sleep doctor is also a neurologist and hopefully he can tell me if I have sleep apnea or whatever else may be going on. Last I knew there was no cure for the non-24 issue, but maybe there’s new information I don’t know about. All I know is that I have had sleep issues all my life and the older I get the worse they get.

She recommended I see her again in three months, although she would be okay with six, so I’ll see her again in December. Gotta go to the lab the week before, as usual, for cholesterol, TSH and T4 testing.