Sunday, September 11, 2016

In the Hospital Again

Signing in with a mysterious sore throat (heartburn?) and bad news from Tammy. Yeah, if there really was a God I’d say it’s a real shit for letting her nearly die twice. Seriously she doesn’t deserve this! Well, nothing up there may give a shit, but her family does. The congestion wasn’t going away so Mark took her the emergency room. They transferred her to intensive care and then eventually to a regular room. She was in the hospital for a few days altogether.

I turned my ringer off when I went to my PCP and forgot to turn it back on. I saw the phone flashing so I knew I had a message. I decided not to call her back because she sounded so awful and as if she was struggling to speak. Her voice was very hoarse and raspy. I emailed her instead.

I guess there was either a problem with her other medication or it just wasn’t helping. They now have her on different antibiotics and all we can do is hope that this will help. I noticed she hadn’t been around as much online but thought she was busy catching up on things she hadn’t been able to do for a while. Kinda surprised the girls didn’t give me a heads up.

Again I didn’t have a single dream hinting that trouble was up with her. The only dream I remember lately was about losing Burke. I was going up a small elevator with him in some building. The elevator had two doors. When one door opened I put him down on the floor of the elevator and told him to wait a second for me while I quickly jumped out to do something. It then occurred to me that anybody could’ve called the elevator to their floor. Worried, I raced back to the elevator and opened the door. The elevator was still on my floor but the rat was gone.

I ran in a panic to some older lady in some assistance office and asked if she could help me. “Of course,” she said, sitting down between two other women of similar age as I began to tell what happened.

In other news, we changed the rats’ cage this morning and filled out the forms for the sleep doctor I’m to see on Tuesday. Now I just hope my sister gets better and my sore throat goes away. I got up to pee in the middle of the night and a gush of acid flew up to my throat from my stomach. Maybe that’s why it’s sore?

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