Thursday, September 29, 2016

Random Rambles

They said our glasses should be ready today, so hopefully we can pick them up tomorrow because I still can’t stand progressives and I can’t get used to them either.

I have been feeling much better lately. No earaches or heartburn. Minimal fatigue and lightheadedness too, though these two symptoms are a bit more noticeable today.

This could be the last summery day I get to enjoy. The temperature is about to drop like a rock and this weekend we might even get our first rain in many months.

This weekend we’re going to make a point of not doing much because he really needs to catch up on his sleep. This should be the last week of the intense OT. So besides grocery shopping, a little bit of yard work, and changing the rats’ cage, not much else will be going on.

He cracked me up earlier. I have a necklace holder that’s a round disk with hooks that sits on a pole. With empty space in the middle, I placed a doll there that’s dressed a bit suggestively. He joked about her being a “pole dancer.” It was so funny because while the guy is the smartest person I’ve ever met and the most honest and responsible, he’s always been on the quiet side and with a dry sense of humor much like she is. I guess I’m just attracted to that type. :-) Calm, intelligent, real, mature, tolerant, dependable, drug and alcohol-free.

So his jokes are even more special because he doesn’t always make them in the way that I do, and oh, how I miss her so much even though it hasn’t even been two months. Just like Tom, she’s pretty much my opposite, but that’s what I like about her. There’s enough common ground to relate to, but enough differences to keep things interesting and balance each other out.

Last night I dreamed Andy died of some infection. Lucky for him I haven’t been very psychic lately, though it could still mean he’s in for some shit of some kind. Just nothing deadly.

I also dreamed about Tom and I hanging out in this huge truck. It was like a semi. He moved a couch toward the middle of it and I thought that was a good place for it because it would “balance” the truck better there.

I don’t know why I would be seeing Doc O, but last night I dreamed that I went to see her and she was friendlier than I’d ever known her to be in real life. I also don’t know why I was sitting on the exam table and asking her about some “white residue” on the soles of my feet, but dreams are just weird like that.

She started off by asking how I was. I said I was almost there but was curious about what was on my feet. Then she told me she loves reading my blog. LOL, pretty sure she’s seen it once, but if she’s a regular reader then it’s news to me, not that it matters either way.

Then the spider nightmare just had to wake me up. Tom and I spotted a spider that was huge and it had a tail too, that zigzagged around its body.

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