Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wow, You Mean I Have Energy Today?

One sign that summer is nearing its end is when you can hear the freeway traffic, something that's only possible in cooler weather. Not sure why, but it’s something about the heat and atmospheric pressure of the heat that prevents you from hearing it in here in the summer. In the summer you just hear the car stereos instead. I’d rather hear the vehicles themselves passing by.

Tom has left for another 12-hour day, but this should be it for a while. I'm not as exhausted as yesterday, but I do have a little bit of fatigue and lightheadedness. Yesterday really sucked, though. I was practically in tears of frustration. I barely had the energy to function. While I’m glad that I feel better today, it sucks to know it isn’t going to last long. I’m still having more energyless days than days where I have sufficient energy. It really affects the quality of my life at times because I have to really struggle to do things on bad days, only able to do them in small steps before I have to stop and rest. Today I am scrambling to get as much done as possible, knowing that my energy supply is limited. Tomorrow I could be back to feeling like I haven’t slept in a week. I slept better last night, though I still did wake up several times. I honestly can’t remember the last time I closed my eyes and didn’t open them again until it was time to get up.

Due to a combination of not having energy most days or the patience to finish my stories, even though I do get good ideas, I’m trying a new technique. This means that for the most part, I write this story as if telling it after-the-fact. It lets me write more content and faster too, this way. At least it seems to so far.

I didn’t see any workers at the Twenties yesterday and I haven’t seen them yet today either, which is a bit of a surprise. Right now the house across from Geri is being mowed and blowed. And I’m guessing that Bob – the ageless old man – will want to reach for his saw and hammer anytime now that the weather is cooling down. I’m armed with enough sound machines, he can’t have that many years left to enjoy these projects, so fine, let him make his grand kids a new birdhouse. Got Pandora cranked up right now. Kinda like CRZY by Kehlani.

Burke was so funny yesterday. He could tell I didn’t feel well and he worked real hard to cheer me up. He ran around all playful and damn is that rat fun, but hard to keep up with at times, LOL.

I guess that’s all for now. I’m just enjoying my energy while it lasts.

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