Sunday, October 30, 2016

61292 Words

Yesterday I finished my book at 61292 words! After a MASSIVE editing job, it will probably come to 62K - 63K words.

Even though Fitbit says I was “under the zone” calorie-wise for yesterday, I’m up half a pound today. Tom says you can’t weigh yourself on a daily basis. I say Fitbit can’t accurately estimate the pitiful calorie burn for one with Hashimoto’s.

Last night I dreamed of winning $2000 worth of makeup. I don’t see it as a sign of anything extraordinarily good to come, however, since I’ve had very few dream premonitions in quite a while now. It was still better than being chased by flying spiders.

I also had a dream we were moving and that I was telling someone that this park/house was a mistake. It’s noisier than I would like but I would never consider it a mistake. Not leaving Arizona in 1999 and moving to Oregon… that may be a mistake. Maybe even coming to this state. But if we hadn’t, as I told S, we never would have met.

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