Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Enjoying a mocha cappuccino sucker now. Got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond along with a large Hawaiian Lei bath bomb, a set of 5 smaller Raspberry Cream bath bombs, a “diamond” studded rainbow headband most people my age wouldn’t touch, and a couple boxes of K-cups.

Then we went to Walgreens for junk food and to get my passport photo taken. As I’ve heard many say, we don’t realize just how big we are till we see pictures of ourselves. I am both HUGE and OLD looking.

I once managed to give up cigarettes, so maybe I can kick my junk food addiction soon, too. I really binge my weekends away. Since I plan to once again stick to low to no cholesterol foods beginning in November in preparation for my December labs, maybe that’s when I’ll throw myself on a diet. I won’t lose more than a few pounds being that I’m still an older woman with a bum thyroid, but I’ll be healthier. Although I’m still smart enough to recognize how shitty I look, I wish I could be as obsessed with my appearance as I was in my teens and 20s because that’d probably help motivate me to eat healthier foods and less of them, too. But you know how it is… the older we get the less we care about looks, especially if we’ve got someone who will always love us no matter what.

Anyway, this will be my last week of beef, eggs, and foods like that. Then I’ll just hope for the best as far as both my thyroid and cholesterol numbers go and hope my doctors don’t read this and see how naughty I am between labs, haha.

No, Doc A, I will not take more levothyroxine and I will not let you statin me either. Statins didn’t stop Tammy from having a heart attack, and I really like being 99% anxiety-free, too.

I started to overheat in my sleep and get a beatathon going, but only for a minute. That’s what I get for not sleeping with the fan on and doubling the blanket in this rather extended summer. Yeah, every time I think the cold is here to stay, we have a warm spell. I like it even though it brings out the motorcycles.

Could’ve sworn a loud bang woke me up, too. I could’ve been dreaming, but more than likely some large vehicle hit the speed bump in back too hard. Next house is gonna be on a less traveled street for damn sure.

I had two dreams that took place in our Maricopa house. In one I was commenting to Tom on just how huge the living room was (even though it looked a bit different) as he sat in a room just off of it, and how I wanted to add more décor to the walls.

Then in another dream where we were supposed to have dangerously high records of heat and humidity, I looked out the front window into the darkness and saw taillights blinking on a few cars that had stopped nearby.

Then I was in some fancy spa or salon in the middle of the night, wandering around with a bag of beauty supplies. People in white coats worked in small rooms with ambient lighting. The place was open 24/7 and they were doing a beauty treatment of some kind on me that was supposed to take 4 hours. The procedure took just 2 hours, though, and then I was free to leave.

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