Monday, October 17, 2016

Evil Aly

I’m a naughty girl today. Yes, I had a moment’s weakness where I gave into my hobby of info diving and found “Evil Aly,” Aly’s latest Twitter account. I found it through a friend of hers. The friend in which she told that she had changed accounts because she was still having “problems” with a former friend. You know, those “problems” where I stupidly hoped we could actually work things out and said only kind things to her?

Bull fucking shit. Really just bull fucking shit. She makes it sound like I forced her to change accounts. She said she did this to “avoid” me, but why couldn’t she just block me and go private? I didn’t make her change accounts, but that’s just Aly for you… always blaming others for her actions.

Then came the challenge that made me wonder if she actually likes not only mindfucking people, but cat and mouse games. This was when she tweeted: Deleted my other account. Go ahead and find me, J. The way you act vs the nice things you occasionally say... You're too confusing for me.

So you change accounts because you’re supposedly “confused?” You can’t just ignore, block or go private?

Well, Aly may be smart but I definitely want nothing to do with her because she’s just too fucked up. Just like it’s pointless to get with an abusive person simply because they may be good-looking, there’s no point in associating with someone this messed up. I respect myself enough to stay away from her. And her twisted friends.

She’s just as confusing as she says she’s confused. Why ask me to resend what I wrote for her just to run and hide? She did the same thing last time after playing dead Wi-Fi.

I may look in on her tweets just for laughs, but she doesn’t have to worry about playing the dead Wi-Fi game or running and hiding like the coward that she is because I have no intentions of ever contacting her again. I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to realize just how screwed up she really is.

But I won’t do it this time. I won’t. I won’t contact her and attempt to clear up any confusion she may have by letting her know how I feel (which I admit were conflicting emotions in the past), so she can cry dead Wi-Fi, promise to respond to tweets and messages as soon as she can, and then change accounts.

Seriously… Aly, Andy, Maliheh, Nane… if you ever decide you miss me in a year from now or 5 years or 10 years or 20 years, I won’t be there for you. I don’t care if you read my journal, but you’ll never have a friend in me again.

Her tweets are full of the usual things… Health issues, emotional issues, guilt trips on others that aren’t they’re the instant she wants them, etc. Did she ever think that maybe they’re avoiding her? Like maybe they don’t want to get caught up in her drama? Yet according to Aly, if no one is available the instant she snaps her fingers, then they’re horrible friends who must not give a shit. It couldn’t be that they may actually have more to do than just babysit her and hold her hand. This clinginess and these guilt trips, along with the lies, are why I almost dumped her before she beat me to it. I was getting so damn fed up with the constant lies, drama and demands. Enough was never enough for her. She would tell me she preferred honesty in one breath, but in the next she was getting all offended whenever I would be honest with her. She was simply never a true friend.

I’m not saying she doesn’t have clinical depression. She does. And while we all need a good support system, we can’t depend on people 24/7 either.

I no longer feel sorry for Aly P. She made her own bed and she’s plenty welcome to lie in it right along with her sick, twisted, delusional phony friends that couldn’t tell the truth if you paid them. If she can forgive someone who told her she hoped her cancer would kill her, but she can’t forgive someone who was honest with her about her “friend’s” ill intentions, then she deserves people like Kim and Molly in her life.

The only other reference she made to me was telling Kim that she didn’t want to discuss something in particular in case I was “spying,” if one can actually “spy” on a public account. I’m a little confused as to why she would care what I think of anything she has to say, but like I said, she’s just as confusing as she is confused.

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