Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Final Descent

To say that this October has been much better than last October is the understatement of the century. At this time last year I was making my final descent into hell as my Endo fine-tuned my thyroid meds.

But is something up there trying to keep me from enjoying walking and jogging around the park? Seriously, it really truly does seem like it’s been one thing after another for over two years now. First it’s my anxiety. Then I have hot flashes to worry about, and now I’ve got various aches and pains holding me back. It’s mostly my right hip. I don’t know if it’s the sciatic nerve as Tom suggested, arthritis, or something else. I just get tired of one thing after another keeping me from enjoying exercising outdoors more often. I don’t mind watching my shows while on my skier, but being outdoors in the fresh air is always nicer. Of course the weather can be an issue, too. I don’t want to be out running at 100° anymore than I want to at 30°.

It just seems too coincidental, though. If I had issues for a few months or maybe even a year, that’d be one thing. But I’m really starting to feel like something is seriously trying to choke back my outdoor exercise, and this is coming from an agnostic who tends to lean more toward atheist.

So if there is something trying to cut my outdoor activity down, then why? Is it protection or punishment? I can’t imagine anything trying to protect me from anything in a gated adult community. The odds of being abducted, robbed or raped or anything like that here are next to nil. I don’t carry a purse and not many perverts are going to be interested in one my age. Besides, this isn’t the place to scout for victims anyway.

So ruling the protection thing out, since criminal activity is unlikely as is a pack of wolves or a giant grizzly bear, then am I being picked on for some reason? If so, I can’t imagine why? Whose ass did I ever prevent from enjoying the great outdoors?

Eh, I gotta assume – and hope – that I’ll finally stop “happening” to have one thing after another soon enough. Can’t help but wonder… if I vowed to quit outdoor working out altogether and just do it at home, would I have fewer problems?

I skied for about 15 minutes and was going to do 3 rounds around the circle to bring it to a half hour, but sure enough, I only made one round before it started raining. We’re in for a few days of rain this week except for tomorrow.

Anyway, whether it’s happenstance or something determined to keep my outdoor activity to a minimal, I’ve been doing well overall. No anxiety. No recent earaches.

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