Saturday, October 8, 2016

Glad My Family Escaped Matthew

My heart raced me awake for the first time in quite a while. It happened just an hour into my sleep. Fitbit clocked my HR as 118, but I wasn’t scared and it dropped in just a few minutes. I got up to pee, (was dreaming about rats and S), took a lorazepam and fell back asleep.

I was glad to learn that my family in Florida escaped Hurricane Matthew’s wrath. A part of me wished I was there. Storms are fun even if they can get a little bit scary at times. I just don’t care for them when they knock the power out or go waking me up. The storms where I live, however, are pretty wimpy and scarce.

We went on an evening walk earlier and both of us are looking forward to the weekend.

We’re having another warm spell, but then it’s to cool down and rain again.

Not doing much tonight. Just Netflix and listening to my audiobook.

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