Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Metabolism & Pain

One of my long time followers and friends had an interesting point when they suggested that my metabolic issues could make me more sensitive to pain. I mentioned it to Tom and he said it makes sense when you really think about it. It might be why my Endo asked me about joint and muscle pain when I last saw her in May. My knees and ankles used to bother me before I began treatment.

My hip pain is definitely fueled by activity. It doesn’t act up just for shits and giggles. Yesterday I did 15 minutes on the skier and the pain was minimal. After that round I made around the circle, however, it became very stiff and sore. Makes me wonder how I managed to twirl around on stage all night long, half naked on heels, 25 years ago. Times really do change, LOL. All I remember from those days are sore feet. I was sore overall after my first day, but then my body quickly got used to it. Unless a certain lady would ever like a private little dance… my dancing shoes have long since been hung up.

Tom and I are going out walking before work but it will only be for about 20 minutes, so that means a  duck walk as opposed to an office walk, or an RV walk, or a perimeter walk. OMG, I think a perimeter walk, which is just over 2 miles, would damn near kill me.

Her suggestion explains why Bob and Jim can walk for a mile or two every single day while in their late 80s. But here I am having barely cracked my 50s and wondering what condition I’m going to be in in another 20 years. Assuming I’m even alive, that is. I still have a chance of an instant extinction thanks to a heart attack or a stroke since that shit runs rampant in my family. Other than asthma and allergies, I really didn’t expect to get any additional diseases or conditions until I was over 70, but I guess one can never know. Almost anything can hit us at any time.

I got up to pee a few hours after I crashed and I made a mental note to remember the dreams I’d had thus far. Yet as is often the case these days, once I woke up for good, I couldn’t remember a thing.

My incontinent little fur babies are gonna want to come out soon, run around, play chase, play hide and seek, and mark the same damn “territories” that have already been marked god knows how many times. Damn right when I say the next place is only going to have carpet in the bedrooms! If you’re a rat, then everything must be chewed on and pissed on as far as you’re concerned.

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