Friday, October 21, 2016

Please Invent Rat Diapers

Diets leave me hungry. Exercise leaves me hurting. Is something trying to tell me something? My hip’s been screaming at me lately, though it’s an “easy suffering” compared to other things I’ve gone through. I don’t feel it sitting or lying down, but only when I’m standing. Tom wonders if it’s my sciatic nerve. Regardless, I’m taking the day off from exercise, but I’m still doing household chores. The last load of laundry is in the dryer now.

Although I slept late, it’s been surprisingly quiet for such a lovely day. It’s 74° out there, so where are all the motorcycles? I don’t even hear any landscaping.

Once they turned the water back on after four hours yesterday I noticed that it was clearer. So I can once again take a bath if I want to. I’m not nearly as big on baths as I am on showers, but I really like those bath bombs because of how much they help my dry skin. Symptoms of hypothyroidism simply don’t go away with treatment. You still have dry skin and hair and you still can’t lose weight, though I suppose age is a factor as well. I’ve had dry skin since my early 30s, and I abuse my hair with dye and straightening brushes.

I don’t understand what’s up with my computer at times. When I first got up there were some sites I wasn’t able to access, like Twitter, Netflix and Pinterest. I suspected an issue with flash, but then I was suddenly able to access them again.

They really need to create diapers for rats. I love these guys, but I am really sick of the trail of piss they leave on just about everything, including me. How many times do they have to mark me in order to be considered part of their “territory?”

Said hello to Jim at the mailbox. He said to say hi to Tom. They wave to each other when he's out walking when Tom leaves for work.

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