Saturday, October 1, 2016

Random eVents

It was 69° in here when I got up, so I turned the heat on to take the chill out. How I wish we could go to Maui and not come back until April! Or Florida.

Went to Walmart to pick up our glasses, and never again will we use them! They put the wrong prescription on the left side of Tom’s glasses and he had to return them, and while mine are adequate, I see fine through the upper part of the left side, but the upper part of the right side is a touch blurry.

Also, you don’t realize just how much transition lenses helps keep things from being too bright outdoors till you no longer have them. They just weren’t an option in round bifocals, but at least now I’m not “swimming.” I hated the dizzying effects of progressives and having to look through a precise spot within the lenses just to see a particular object. Gonna use the old progressives/transitions for outdoors only.

I was going to put Cappy in a smaller cage but then realized that that would be ridiculous when half a dozen rats could easily occupy each of the two floors of the big cage. Being the bully that he is, Cappy’s upstairs while the other 3 are downstairs. This way, if anyone’s toes or tails gets nipped at through the rungs of the ramp that’s hooked to the underside of the upper level to separate the levels, it’ll be the bully’s. Been there almost 24 hours, though, and all is fine. They go nose to nose and sniff at each other through the bars, but that’s it. I’m amazed at how bad Simon wants to beat his ass since he’s the shyest of the rats.

We signed up for a rat bedding subscription to be delivered monthly. I also grabbed some other things they’ll need with the new setup… hammocks and wood chews.

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