Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Neither of us is having a great day so far. His teeth ache and he’s almost certainly infected and in need of antibiotics. He knows he can get them if he needs them, but what he really needs to do is get his damn teeth taken care of. All of them. He can’t keep treating part of the problem forever. But unfortunately he has a phobia of dentists just like I do with medication. To him, having to see one makes him feel much like I would feel if I had to have eye surgery.

He took some ibuprofen to work with him but I still worry about him. Also, I slept really shitty and didn’t even get six hours of sleep. I woke up every hour. Every time I woke up and considered taking lorazepam, I drifted back off to sleep, so I never did take any.

Today I’m not only tired but I’m also lightheaded and feeling a little anxious. No earaches, though. It still sucks because I had been feeling so well. Hopefully I’ll get better sleep next time around and I’ll feel better tomorrow. Fortunately I’m blessed with working at home, so I can take breaks if I need to. I’d say it’s unlikely I’m going to work on my story today.

I started getting worried about Tammy because I noticed she hadn’t been online much and she wasn’t responding to my emails or messages. I don’t expect her to respond to every single one, but she usually responds to some of them.

I called both her cell and landline and got no answer. Norma hadn’t heard from her either and so she tried to call as well. She managed to get a hold of her and then she told me that Tammy would call me, and she did. It turns out that she did get evacuated after all, so she, Mark and their dog went to stay with the girls and their cat. The girls live in an apartment building that’s built to hurricane standards. LOL, it was probably a bit chaotic, though fun. Wish I could’ve been there.

One of the best things she told me was that she quit smoking over a month ago! Finally! I’m so proud of her. Sure enough, and as I warned her would be the case, she’s gained weight. Better to have the extra weight and be able to breathe, though. I quit smoking 19 years ago at 110 pounds and shot to 125 pretty fast.

Mark is back at his old job, which is good. They were happy to have him back, too.

We talked about a few other odds and ends… our loved ones, our pets, etc.

They had a quick power outage where Tom works yesterday, but nothing here.

We’re in for another warm day today, which might be why I slept so shitty yesterday, so I had him open the bedroom vent again to sleep more comfortably. It’s going to be a little warm tomorrow too, then the forecast is calling for a surprising four days of rain. That would be wonderful if it rained on the 16th because that’s when they’re having the Oktoberfest, and if the band plans to play outdoors, I would think rain would ruin those plans and prevent me from having to listen to the thumping of base for four hours. I couldn’t get that lucky, though, but we’ll see. Just maybe I will.

I updated my computer’s operating system from El Capitan to Sierra, and the first bug I found was with highlighting issues. You have to highlight text quickly otherwise it won’t work. I guess that’s all that’s really wrong that I know of so far.

I love my new necklace in new cut-shoulder shirt, but I’m not sure of the color. It’s a great fit, but baby pink is a bit pale against my equally pale skin. More of a contrast would have been nicer.

A year or two before my parents died they sent me tons of clothes. Most of them were very nice, stylish, and came at a time when I could really use them. But now that they’re getting old and we’ve got money, it’s nice to replace some of them. Not all of them but some of them; with styles and colors of my own choosing. There are many great fashions on Amazon and surprisingly cheap, too.

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