Friday, October 28, 2016


Today I’m achy from my hips to my knees, but life is otherwise good. It’s raining and it will rain tomorrow too, which always keeps things quieter around here. Even yesterday was quieter.

I tried to get Tom to address his dental issues to his doctor after having his 6-month checkup in case he needed antibiotics, but sure enough, he didn’t. He said his doctor would only tell him to see a dentist anyway. Then he teased me about jinxing him because his tooth was horrible afterwards. I still think it’s going to come and go till he deals with it.

He might’ve had a point in saying that I would sleep better if I made sure I didn’t get into bed too early and waited until I was ready to fall asleep. I’ve been having to push my schedule for my upcoming appointments, and by not getting into bed until I’m really tired, I do seem to be sleeping better and waking up less often, although that’s not what Fitbit says. Fitbit says I was awake 4 times and restless 30 times. Really? I only remember waking up twice (once to pee), but as I’ve learned, you can’t always go by numbers. You have to go by how you feel. A TSH of 3 may be perfect for most people, but it’s hyper for me, which means the anxiety from hell, rapid weight loss, rapid HR, and plenty of diarrhea. Waiting until I’m ready to drop before I get into bed means better sleep for me and more energy the next day. :-)

They have these new period panties called Thinkx that are supposed to replace pads and tampons and seem really interesting. I was tempted to try a pair, but at $40 apiece I decided I was too close to menopause for it to be worth it.

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