Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Bulleted Day

I think I’ll just bullet today’s entry.

  • I had 1600 cals yesterday so my weight is the same.
  • The LUX light is a complete waste of money.
  • Two days ago I had a strange stomach flu for 4-5 hours. It started with sharp cramps in my upper stomach. Then I had intermittent nausea.
  • Slept better last night but that could be because I took a lorazepam for the first time in a while after being up 18 hours.
  • I don’t remember a single dream.
  • UPS arrived at 9:30 with our carpet cleaner, goodies for Tom, and a few goodies for me.
  • I now have a nice clean glass dish for my wax fragrance warmer. A tiny hole burned through the center of the other one as it got old and yucky, dribbling wax onto the bulb.
  • My early birthday present from Tom, a glass rainbow wind chime, is gorgeous and I love the sound of it. Now we just need some wind to go with it.
  • My new dress (black with a jagged chiffon hemline) which is more like a tunic looks great with my blue tights.

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