Friday, November 4, 2016

So Much for Fasting

I think I accidentally deleted some posts here, but oh well.

The neroli chamomile shower bombs I got smell wonderful, but they don’t last long. You’re supposed to put them in a spot that gets wet but that isn’t in the shower stream. Yet this isn’t very easy to do in the master bathroom’s tiny little phone booth shower stall. Just the water bouncing off of me pretty much hits every spot. That’s the thing I hate most about this house that I otherwise love. You have this 10 x 8 bathroom with this little teeny shower in it.

I slept kind of shitty the last two nights so I’m lightheaded again and may not get much done today other than the laundry. Part of that may be my fault. I got the bright idea to try to fast for the day. If you fast for just a single day here and there it’s supposed to be very beneficial. It boosts the immune system, detoxes the body, and boosts the metabolism. Long-term fasting has negative effects on the other hand.

Hunger pangs are one thing, but head rushes are another. I got up at 8:30 and at 11:15 my head was swimming, so I slammed on a yogurt. I take multivitamins every day which needs to be taken with food, but that also has to wait 4 hours after taking my thyroid meds, so at around 1:00, I may have a little something. I just can’t do what I was able to do 30 years ago. Grrr.

Not looking forward to seeing my PCP next month because I know she’s going to want me back on statins, and I know that with the risks I’m facing that I should be. I just don’t want to deal with anything other than my thyroid meds for a while, though. I’m at the point of no return where my thyroid meds are concerned because if I stop them, I will not only feel horrible but will eventually slip into a coma if I don’t have a heart attack or stroke first. No thanks!

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