Thursday, December 1, 2016

Floor Tiles Side by Side

And now our laundry/bath tiles have arrived as well! Here are the kitchen and laundry/bath tiles side by side. The flower design in the centers is the same, just different colors. You even get to see our adorable calendar for next year. :)

It's windy and cold tonight, so I will definitely be working out indoors.

The new heater I put by my desk is both compact and kick ass.

I also got my new 10-pack of assorted bath bombs. Love how they're the size of tennis balls instead of golf balls. I used the grape soda first. The only ones I might not like so much is eucalyptus and whatever the sinus relief one is. There was also blueberry, sandalwood, cinna bun bun, cucumber melon, snickerdoodle, lavender sage and pumpkin spice.

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