Thursday, December 8, 2016


I’m having a love-hate relationship with this weather. It’s rainy, cold, yucky and dismal. But it sure is keeping the peace around here.

I’m a little worried for the women of Ohio should the ridiculous “heartbeat” bill become law. It’s not just infuriating but it’s downright insane. Not only do most women not even know they’re pregnant at just six weeks when a heartbeat can be detected, that doesn’t mean it’s a “life” with any form of awareness that could possibly be “murdered.” We have little to no sense of awareness until after were born, so if abortion is murder then so is pulling a weed.

I don’t get people. Most men are anti-children claiming that children are for the women, and many women these days are choosing careers over children. Yet we’re trying to strip women of their rights and make abortion illegal in every way we can? How fucked up is that? I don’t doubt, however, that abortion will one day be illegal nationwide. People are just that crazy.

I’ve been asked how feminine and I am as opposed to masculine, so I thought I would elaborate a bit on that if people must know. :-) Well, I’m pretty damn feminine… high heels, skirts, dresses, glitter, pink things, makeup, long hair (or at least nothing above the shoulders). Most days, however, I’m dressed both casually and comfortably. I’m all-woman either way.

However, I do tend to lean towards being naturally muscular, and I won’t hesitate, win or lose, to stand up to a man trying to harm me (or anyone I love) just as I would with another woman.

Since returning from vacation early in the year I have worked out consistently, not just with walking and running, but also on the Bowflex gym we’d recently gotten. I’m slowly but noticeably peeling inches, and one can definitely look at me and tell I work out. The muscle is most visible in my shoulders, biceps, abs and calves, though you can see some muscle in my outer thighs as well.

Today’s bath bomb was blueberry. It turned the water a very vivid and pretty shade of Robin's egg blue. This one smelled the best, but the smell quickly faded.

Last night I dreamed I was staying in a huge hotel. I wandered out of my room without my glasses and was so blind that I couldn’t find my way back to my room. I would get in the elevator and keep getting off on the wrong floor.

Then in another dream, a girl in her 20s was talking on her phone and appeared to be worried about something. When she hung up I told her, “Look, the cops are never your friend. No matter how much we may mistakenly think so and wish they were, they’re usually not. So never tell them anything they don’t absolutely need to know.”

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