Sunday, December 4, 2016

My 51st Birthday

Going to spend my birthday today out shopping as well as at home relaxing.

We went to Jack-in-the-Box and Walgreens yesterday. At Walgreens, I got pomegranate bath bombs, a leopard print car for the rats and I to play with, a sparkly headband, snacks, and light blue press-on nails with white snowflakes.

Because I’ve been craving variety after spending a month on a diet that consists of 90% vegetables, I got a large order of fries and a delicious salty caramel milkshake that really messed up my stomach. It was worth it, though. I would’ve had a burger instead of the shake except I can’t have any cholesterol until after the labs. I’ll be going there next weekend.

Where things got funny was when Tom gave a quick chuckle and said, “I think I’m offended,” as he showed me the receipt for our order.

“Senior discount,” it said, and I burst out laughing. Poor guy doesn’t even have to tell anyone anymore that he’s getting old.

On the way home we drove by a cemetery that excitedly exclaimed, “New spaces available!” Like gee, that’s so exciting. Such a beautiful place that we ought to hurry up and die and use them up so we can stay there forever, LOL.

Woke up from a nightmare, heart pounding furiously in my chest. I took a lorazepam for the first time in a while to help get me back to sleep. Might as well use up what I’ve got left when I could use it.

I was visiting a younger couple’s house. They were perhaps in their 30s. The woman was scared of her ex who had been harassing them. I left the living room to get a drink in the kitchen when I looked out the window and saw a giant gold pickup suddenly pulled in between their house and the next house even though there was no driveway there, and I ran to tell the couple who had been blasting their TV.

The woman ran to the back door and I proceeded to shut and lock any open windows. While I was doing this I was afraid that the woman wouldn’t take the situation seriously enough to call the police. I woke up wondering where my phone was and if I’d even brought it over.

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