Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Not Sure it's Worth It

Today’s the first day in a while where I’m running low on energy. I feel okay otherwise. I just wish I would either get my period or that my PMS symptoms would back off. I’ve been spotting on and off for a week now. When I see my PCP in a week I’ll let her know, but I think she’ll just want to do a Pap.

It’s cold and foggy here now but that didn’t stop Bob from blowing leaves for over a half-hour. It’s definitely going to stop me from working out outdoors, though. Since I exercise most days, I might take today off given my lack of energy. Forcing myself to do the cleaning I want to do today will be enough, although I suppose I could put it off until tomorrow.

Two out of the three times we’ve ordered groceries online they made Tom wait 10 minutes before giving him the groceries. The whole point in ordering online was to save time and this doesn’t exactly save much of that, so if he’s made to wait again today when he stops after work, we’ll just go back to getting our own groceries. He books a specific time for a reason. If they can’t keep that time, then what’s the point?

Really wish I could come up with more story ideas now that I have such great tools to help me write them faster. Too bad there isn’t anything to help make editing go faster. Editing is still 80% of the work, and I don’t find that part much fun at all.

Last night I dreamed we were back in the Phoenix house. I don’t know if we moved back there or were just staying there temporarily. We hated it there, so we would never do either one. Nonetheless, the house had major electrical problems, and Tom would have to go reset breakers regularly.

I woke up one morning to find the house very warm, tried to kick on the AC, but found it dead. I found Tom in the kitchen who said, “I’m right on it,” before I could say anything.

As he was stepping into his shoes, however, I said, “I hate this fucking house.”

I did hate that old dark house with its shitty layout and single bathroom that was just a few feet away from a pack of race-carding freeloaders, though I did like the pool/spa, private backyard, and being on a solid concrete foundation. The neighborhood was going downhill when we left in 1999. It started off fairly average when I moved in with him in 1993, but more and more lazy scum was moving into the area.

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