Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I watched the first six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and now I’m watching season 17 of Law & Order SVU. Mariska Hargitay has always been my favorite, but I’ve recently noticed just how handsome Raul Esparza is.

I made a point of checking in on Facebook around my birthday because I knew people would be contacting me, but now I’m avoiding it again. I’m no less sick of the same old depressing shit with the politics and some people I just don’t want to be reminded of. I won’t get started on the lack of privacy there. Seriously, almost every time I check in, it's the same old topics and people. I know people have a right to post what they want, but sometimes I wonder if they actually want to be annoying with their repetition and negativity. LOL, I thought I was bad.

I’m a little surprised that I didn’t hear from Eileen and that Tammy didn’t call, but that’s okay as I prefer to keep in touch online anyway. It’s way more convenient.

I’m still spotting on and off as I have been since November 30, but I haven’t had an actual period since September 2.

A freeze warning was in effect until 9am. Some people covered their plants with blankets. Where are the hot flashes when I need them?!

Really hope it’s quieter today than yesterday. Yesterday I heard landscaping on and off for 6 hours and it was so annoying. I could also hear hammering, but only outside. Still… enough is enough!

Said hello to Carolyn yesterday, who accidentally left her key in the mailbox overnight.

Pinterest has undergone yet another makeover. Kind of getting sick of all the change there. I liked it the way it was. That’s why I joined in the first place. The thing is that the changes are pointless. Why don’t they make some changes people could actually use, like a better way to weed out duplicates, download pins, etc.?

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