Saturday, January 14, 2017

48 Hours

4” of rain is normal here for January, yet we’ve already gotten 7”, and there’s more to come in the middle of the week. I’m already sick of the rain, but it’ll stop the motorcycles once again. I’ve already heard them twice today. This is on top of cars and trucks that are too loud. I don’t understand why any vehicle needs to be so damn loud with today’s technology. I can see planes and semis, but regular cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles? Then again, I don’t think I’ve heard a loud SUV as of yet.

Not surprisingly, I woke up hot flashing a few times. I still slept well enough, and this is day 5 where I’m anxiety-free. Ah, I could get used to this wonderful feeling! I love it when noise is my worst complaint in life. I was, however, a bit lightheaded today and yesterday, but after I ate it got better. Some days I don’t eat enough, not because I’m trying to avoid eating, but because I’m simply not hungry. I’m not one of those that eats when she’s not hungry. Tom is, but unless you put a lobster in front of me, I’d prefer to eat when I’m hungry.

We went to Raley’s earlier and picked up a few things. Now that I’m 6 weeks from labs… bye-bye cholesterol. No meat, cheese or eggs till March.

After we got back home, we ate, changed the rats’ cage, then went out walking. It was cold, but sunny.

I’ll be dying my hair tomorrow. The question is… do I want to do my nails today or tomorrow? I’ll probably do them today. I hate unpolished nails.

S’s now 48 hours a way. I’m a little nervous about that, but just a little. I’m mostly looking forward to our meeting. I just wonder if I’ll have any dreams about it or dreams that may hint at how our little get-together will go, either tonight or tomorrow night. Sometimes I don’t always know when a particular dream has meaning or is a sign of anything till certain things happen, but I think in this case I would know.

For now I’m just going to enjoy the weekend… missing my family and dreaming of Maui.

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