Monday, January 9, 2017

A Call I Look Forward To

I left S a message shortly before 10 PM and I’m hoping she calls in the morning. I told her it would be best if I saw her next week.

These Tylenol sleep pills I decided to try when I’m having trouble sleeping came blistered in pairs. One pill didn’t do anything for me, but after taking the second one I fell asleep.

The rain is continuing on and I will be stuck working out indoors indefinitely.

The only strange dream I remember having is testing the lock on our front door to find that if I twisted the handle hard enough, it would open. I realize how easy it would be for anyone to break in and I wondered if I should bring this up to Tom. I was hesitant to do so because I knew how busy he was and that he had enough stuff to deal with during what little free time he had.

In the dream, there was a block wall surrounding part of our place. One day I was sitting at a table writing or doing something when I saw someone jump over the wall. I knew they intended to break in and I became extremely angry right away. I burst out the door to confront what turned out to be a young woman. Despite the fact that she was considerably bigger than me, I screamed and shouted in her face. The dream ended at that point so I don't know what happened next.

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