Sunday, January 8, 2017

Back on My-Diary ✍️

So I started writing again at my-diary as J-Lin. I’ve been making monthly posts there, but decided, after the site recently got revamped, to do daily updates as well.

I swear it’s rained more this fall/winter than in all the years I’ve been in this state put together. There has been nothing but wind and rain for the last 17 hours and there’s no end in sight anytime soon. It’s almost 60° out, though, and it’s better than temps in the 30s. I do love the sound of the rain, too. At least no delivery trucks or motorcycles are going to steal the peace today.

I had chest anxiety for the first 8-9 hours of my day, then Tom, who I swear has magical healing powers, helped ease it when he got up. I swear he has the gift of healing. He places a hand on my chest and concentrates while I will myself to relax and away it goes. Maybe we’re both psychic, just in different ways.

After he killed my anxiety, my lungs felt a bit tight for a while, but as soon as I went out I was fine. We changed the rats’ cage when we returned, so that always helps, plus I turned the air cleaner up to high.

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