Friday, January 13, 2017

Careful What You Wish For

I got one of the things I wished for in my last entry… a period. So the last one was 3.5 months late and this one was a day early. It’s surprisingly cramp-free so far. I was slightly lightheaded earlier but after making myself eat a little more, I felt fine. I’m not even low on energy, though I am taking a day off from working out. That’s okay, I’m still getting plenty of exercise running around the house cleaning and doing laundry. Gotta order the groceries online as well.

I slept better last night. I seem to go back and forth, so I guess I might not sleep as well tonight. I’ve now gone over three days without anxiety. Just what did I do to get so lucky as to deserve that much? Think fewer evil thoughts?

This is the most sunshine I’ve seen here in about a week. I’m taking advantage of it to charge my solar keyboard. I just wish it wasn’t so cold out.

I’ve been a brunette for a while, so for variety, I’m going to dye my hair auburn brown. I can always brown it back out if I don’t like it. I wonder what S will think of it. I know I like someone when I wonder things like that whereas I normally don’t care what others think.

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