Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hotel Dreams

Nothing to update today but dreams. We sure are vacationing in hotels a lot lately in my dreams.

Only my travel mates kept changing. First I was with Tom. Then with loser Ron of all people. I’ll bet he’s the same minimum wage worker he was back then, working one job after another. Alone, too. Shame on me for settling the way I did back then, young, dumb and naïve or not. He was so wrong for me and I had not one single solitary ounce of attraction for the guy. He was fat, balding, and looked much older than 28. My neighbor at the time, Nancy, was thrilled when I finally threw him out.

So anyway, I was worried about something in the dream. It was nighttime and Baldilocks was getting into bed while I paced the room. He told me not to worry about it and pulled the covers over his head.

My last travel mate was S. It was weird because I passed out on the floor of our room, but was still semi-conscious. I heard her tell the paramedics that I was from California and that she lived 3000 miles away. I wondered if she moved back east.

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