Monday, January 16, 2017

If You Can't Decide on Smart or Crazy, Do Both

Tom and I have never been the kind to stay in one place for too long. The world is too big to spend all our lives in one spot, or even 20-30 years of it in one spot.

California is my fifth state and his third. He’s from Arizona, has lived in Cali twice, and then of course Oregon. We’ve lived in these states together, and I started off in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Where will we go when he retires in 6-10 years from now? Well, Florida would be smart while Hawaii would be crazy. Funny, but true.

Let’s talk smart first. Florida’s cheaper and I have family there. Understandably, I don’t expect to become close to my nieces in a way that makes us “good buddies” due to the age difference. What 20-something wants to hang with a 50-something? :)

But Tammy and I haven’t had much time together and when we last did we were younger, had a lot of growing up to do, and weren’t very close.

The thing about Florida that may not be so smart is all the humidity. I can’t know for sure how it may affect me, even though I’ve lived in humid climates before. This time, however, I won’t be a smoker, which should surely help. So all in all, Florida’s cheaper, warmer than NorCal, and I have family there.

Now let’s talk crazy, and I mean insanely crazy. That would be lush, colorful Maui with its perfect year-round climate and less of a hurricane risk, but that would cost a fortune probably even renting a dumpy apartment in the mainstream on the Big Island. We would definitely rent in Hawaii as opposed to owning, and that too, has its pros and cons. The landlord has to pay to fix anything that breaks, but that landlord can pester you all he wants if he lives a stone’s throw away from you. You also may be limited to color choices and what you can do with the place, depending on if it’s an individual or a company you’re renting from.

I felt so at home on Maui. It was definitely my spot on earth. So should we do both? And if so, which one would we start with, Florida or Hawaii? I’m thinking Hawaii may the best state to sign off in.

LOL, it’s too funny just thinking about it, but the idea certainly excites and appeals to me. I think first I oughta wait and see if I can just survive perimenopause long enough to get out of this state.

Seeing S in a couple hours. Excited, but a touch worried, even though I can stop seeing her anytime I want to. Ah, control. It’s something I haven’t had over most of my life, so I love it when I do. :)

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