Friday, January 20, 2017

Sears, Fire Hydrants & Fear for Our Country

The Sears guy came early within the time bracket he gave us to fix the hot water tank. It turns out that the thermocouple went out, so he replaced it. Between that part and labor, it came to $175. Tom saw how to take it apart to get at that part if it goes out on us again. He was going to order that part and do it himself, but the part couldn’t have gotten here till the end of the month. That’s why he called Sears. We may order one so we always have a backup on hand. They can last anywhere from 5-30 years. I’m just glad the guy had the part so we didn’t have to rent a room to shower. Then again, I’m sure Bob and Virginia, the Twenties, Geri, or someone else around here would’ve let us use their shower. Having not showered in two days, it felt great to take a nice hot shower once it had time to heat up.

So after I showered, got dressed and threw my hair in a braid, I took off running before the next band of rain. Of course, my hip is paying for it now. It still feels good to get out and run, but I did do some walking as well.

“You’re much too young to live here,” a guy walking his dog said along the way.

LOL, I never did look my age.

So I ran down along the main drag, around the curve, and around the next curve, and then I saw it. I stopped dead in my tracks looking for a way around it, but nope. No way. The water gushing from the fire hydrant was not only flooding the hell out of the street but the grass at the side as well. I would’ve practically had to go down to where the ditch is to get around it, so I decided to just double back.

Sure enough, the water was off when I got back, but not for long. I would have been so pissed if it had gone off while I was showering. It could’ve been a broken main that someone hit with their car or something instead of a hydrant, but with all the water gushing about I didn’t really get a good look at it. I would have gladly run through it if it were summer.

Some damn cock is annoying me right now gunning his motorcycle. I realized two things the other day. One is that if we still have so many loud vehicles despite today’s technology, this is the way it will always be. Also, if universal insurance still doesn’t exist in the US, then it never will. There’s absolutely no reason it can’t exist just like it exists in Canada, England and other places. It’s obviously not what most people want, though. I just hope we’ll be insured until he retires! Anyway, now that most of my so-called fellow Americans have chosen a hater over a liar, I am once again in fear of being uninsured if God forbid he was laid off. Then again, most people did vote for Hillary. I’ll never get that either. Shouldn’t the one with the most votes win? I’ll also never get why things have to be one way or another. Seriously, why do we have to live in such a black-and-white world? If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. Meanwhile, why should every single woman have to live based on what other people believe??? That’s like saying everybody else should be agnostic simply because I am. You want to believe in your grown-up version of Imaginary Friend? Fine. Just don’t try to push your fantasy on me.

I do still hope he gets assassinated, but I honestly don’t see it happening. Security is too tight, and if someone was going to take a shot at him, it would have been done by now. Why wait until he’s sworn in? I still think he has a much higher chance of something happening to him than Obama ever did. Most people don’t have a problem with blacks, but they sure do with those that do. So because he’s such a hater, I think he has more of a chance of being harmed or at least severely harassed.

But what is the point of the women going to march in DC? I don’t see how it could hurt, but how could it help? The guy hates women with a passion. So much so that I still find it hard to believe he’s not gay, in the closet/denial, and that his wife isn’t just for show. Come on, the guy’s 70. People his age don’t usually own up to their sexuality if they are gay. I don’t see how one can hate women that much and stand to be with one, so maybe his wife is just one of those rare exceptions? I can’t stand 90% of the male population yet I married a guy. A guy that certainly isn’t like most guys or else I’d be alone or with a woman.

Either way, this shitster’s sexuality is the least of my concerns. It’s how much worse he can make things for us that worries me. The fucker is against everything… women’s rights, gay rights, healthcare, climate change… everything. I hope he at least does some good while he’s busy fucking things up, like deport the illegals and keep Muslims from coming over here.

I found the perfect set of pots and pans, each in a different color and with clear covers, on Amazon for only $40. I would have thought that a clear cover would be worthless because of steam and fog, but we’ll find out when we get it. Maybe these things will encourage me to cook more. We won’t be able to use them if we ever get a flat top stove, but we doubt we’ll get one while we’re still here, so we’ll have plenty of time to get some use out of this “rainbow” set.

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