Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wow, Life Really is Full of Surprises!

There's only so much about a certain lady that I'll mention in public as I like to give her the same privacy consideration she gives me. But here's what I will say... life really is full of surprises! I totally thought I would never hear from her again, but sure enough, she left a message.

She said she received my letter today, though I would've thought she would have gotten it at the end of the year. She sounded very kind and caring and I'm both surprised and delighted by her call.

She said she was just checking in and that I ended my letter with "What have you learned?" and didn't know if that meant that I wanted to discuss it further.

This was actually a rhetorical question after I was telling her that I learned that people aren't always who we think they are. She said if I was interested, call her back, and I will next week. Maybe we'll even set up a time to meet.

Maybe I should never call, forget her, and save time and money by never going to her office again since as we both agree, my problem is physiological. Hell, I'm feeling anxious right now along with happy and surprised. She really did make my day. :)

But I still hate to think that it's goodbye forever, and when I did that made me sad. We may never be buddies, but she was/is so brilliant at what she does. I realized that if I ever did want to talk to someone I'd really hate to have to start all over again from scratch with someone new. At least she has some background on me and knows I hate spiders but am a real sucker for rainbows, LOL.

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