Sunday, February 26, 2017

Amazon & Sam's

Decided to do an entry during what’s been a fun and productive weekend before I go out running. It’s 60° and I want it to get closer to 50° before I go out and I would prefer there not to be any direct sunlight.

I always wanted to try one of those moisture-wicking running shirts, so I ordered one on Amazon in orchid pink. Target’s prices are ridiculous. Why pay $16 for a moisture-wicking bra when I can get a shirt for a few dollars less on Amazon? So if I feel the one I’m getting Wednesday keeps me more comfortable I’ll get more like it.

I also grabbed another Hanes sweatshirt that they have for just $8 because they’re so comfortable and they’re great for running in colder weather. The material is thick and cozy. They’re good for anything… hanging around house, running errands, going to appointments. They’re just a solid color, no-frills, simple but nice shirt. So now I will have a Hanes sweatshirt in magenta, purple and blue. Maybe I’ll get the green one someday. My specialty sweatshirts, the one with the aurora borealis and the dripping paint rainbow, are better for when I’m going out to see people I know.

We also went to Sam’s again where I picked up some Clorox wipes and Swiffer dusters. Then I treated myself to another pair of Calvin Klein sweatpants, which are also good for just about anything. So now I have one in light gray and one in dark gray. Neutral colors that won’t clash with my colored tops. I’ll be changing up into a pair for my upcoming run.

Lastly, I treated myself to a carousel of 100 gel pens in a rainbow of colors. I love the colors, but the pens are kind of shitty quality because they skip. They’re still good for my adult coloring books and notes. I always document what dreams I can remember from the night before when I get up. I love the carousel because once I use up the gel pens, I can move my colored pencils into it, my preferred medium for coloring as opposed to pens, markers and watercolors.

Oh, also on Amazon we ordered a tower air cleaner identical to the one we got to put by the rats. Even though it’s a little pricey, it’s one of the smartest buys we’ve made. It does a fantastic job and it’s so easy to change the filter. I love how the light turns from steady green to a blinking red when it’s time to be changed.

I applied the fourth dose of the steroid cream this morning and I haven’t had any issues.

We went out walking yesterday and Jon said hello to us. I noticed that Ray was visiting him again. I saw him the other day at the mailbox, too. I get the impression, not that it matters, that Ray doesn’t like me very much. Could it be because I’m a lot younger? Or maybe he’s just not a very chatty person with most people anyway. I don’t care either way. It’s just something I noticed. He lives 2-3 houses down from Bob and Virginia.

Other than hearing the usual mix of landscaping and loud vehicles, it looks like the lady on the corner diagonally from the second bedroom, either died or was moved to a home. So now I have to worry again about what may end up too close for comfort. They’re not as close as the last two houses that sold near us, of course, so I’m not too worried, but they’re definitely much too close for a motorcycle. It’s amazing how many people that have moved into this park in the 3.5 years we’ve been here!

I’m going to spend the evening relaxing with audiobooks, Netflix, popcorn and maybe I’ll work on my story. I hate editing so much that I wish I could just write the story and leave it at that, but if I did a third of the story wouldn’t make sense.

Last night I dreamed I chatted on the phone with Tammy who sounded pretty upbeat. She seemed healthier, happier and more energetic. I hope that’s been the case and that she’s catching up on doing things she was unable to do when her health was worse because I haven’t heard much from her lately. I’ve pestered her enough, though, with messages, LOL.

In the dream, we lived on the mountain that was sort of shaped like an upended bowl. Who knows how we drove up and down it? The nearest neighbor had to have been more than just a couple hundred feet away. While I was talking to Tammy in the bedroom as Tom watched TV in the living room, a helicopter hovered close by, annoying the hell out of me. Tammy said they used to get that shit back in Connecticut, then she told me about a prank she and Mark pulled on someone who lived in the area, though I don’t remember what she said they did. Something about pranking someone threatening to steal their house maybe?

Then I went on to describe my last period to her and asked if she thought that could be my last one, then I turned off an old-fashioned TV in the corner of the room, and then I said we had a lot of “Cali palms.”

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