Saturday, February 4, 2017

🌹 Enjoying the Weekend

Jim’s alive! Yeah, I heard and saw him and Bob on their early morning walk, so that’s nice. I thought Bob was in a rather chipper mood when we last talked to have just lost what’s probably one of his best friends, anyway. Maybe the ambulance was for his wife. I live with old people. Those things do come around more often here.

Today was a mix of sun and clouds. There was just a little bit of a drizzle when we were out earlier. We still have more rain coming. It’s been unbelievable this year. Because of all the clouds I let my solar keyboard charge overnight by placing LED lights on top of it that Tom uses to charge his own keyboard with.

I have found that listening to audiobooks helps me get to sleep a lot easier than this LUX light does. I don’t expect it to keep me on schedule, but I’m going to see if I can manipulate it at least a little. Beginning late in the month I have a shitload of appointments coming up… GYN, dentist (I might need another fucking crown), PCP, ENT, and the shrink I’m still not sure I need to see. I’m virtually certain that my intermittent problems with anxiety are caused by the perimenopause. That’s why my PCP referred me to a GYN. I don’t like the idea of taking psych meds every single day when I’m not even anxious every single day. I do like to have the lorazepam around in case I need it, but I haven’t had anxiety for nearly a month now. So why should I have taken that or something else and made myself drowsy for no reason this last month? We have a good insurance plan, and if I don’t receive an “inside referral,” I really do my homework before I choose a doctor. This lady has lots of high ratings, so it won’t hurt me to see her at least once. This way, if I ever do need more lorazepam in the future, she can write me a prescription. PCPs don’t like to dispense that regularly because it’s a controlled substance. She’ll probably want to do another random narcotics piss test soon, but fine. Hashi’s, even with treatment, are notorious pissers. So I have plenty of it to give. ;)

I received a few posters today. One of them was that smaller alligator poster, and of course I took a picture to show Tammy that I got the alligator she dared me to hang, LOL. I think big sis sometimes forgets that little sis loves that kind of shit. :-) I just got a smaller print that was less expensive.

The starry sky through the treetops and the colorful wildflowers in the woods are gorgeous, but they kind of look funny taped to the wall because they’re so big. I’m definitely going to get frames for them. The colors are sharp and clear and it’s hard to believe the posters were just a few bucks each.  It’s the damn frames that can be a little pricy.

My diaphragm muscles have completely recovered from last week’s food poisoning puking session, and Monday it’s back on the Bowflex.

“Why do I bother with such slavery?” I sometimes ask myself. “Because I love how it makes me feel, and I love seeing the muscles in my tummy (even with water retention and a layer of fat), and I know I’m going to proudly show them off in crop tops this summer, too.”

No matter how much money we have, I still love looking in dollar stores. So we stopped at one today and I got a cute pink metal flower with a large pink gem in the center of it in which a single cowbell hangs from, vanilla brown sugar body spray & small hair ties with gems. I often put my hair in a braid when I’m working out or cleaning. Splurged on a candy bar, too. I try not to overeat during the week, but I do on weekends.

We stopped at Raley’s where he got some treats and we both got some cooked food, chicken and potato wedges. I gotta really lay off the cholesterol, though. Labs are now less than a month away.

Tried out several TV series on Netflix before I settled on one I like called Life, now that I’m done with Lie to Me.

Now it’s off to relax and do some coloring in my ratty coloring book. As much as I love to work, I’m not doing any online or off-line work today. Even I deserve a day off once or twice a week. :-) Not to sound like a conceited little braggart, but I’m one of the best damn housekeeper you could ever know. When I clean I’m super thorough and I take my time. With allergies I kind of have to, anyway.

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