Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hopes & Dreams

Went out running in a park that’s greener than I’ve ever seen it before. I didn’t wear my rain boots, but I wore my raincoat, even though it never rained. We haven’t gotten as much rain today as predicted, but I’m ready for some sunshine. Especially since the rain doesn’t always save me from noise. I was on a roll with my writing yesterday when three large trucks distracted me for an hour trimming trees by Jim’s place.

As a matter of fact, it just started raining but that’s not stopping them from going around with those super loud blowers that I have to hear every single day.

They still haven’t talked to Tom about a promotion and I’m starting to seriously worry that they’re just leading him on. Really, really hope not!

Had a weird/shitty dream where my dentist put some of her patients up in a hotel due to some kind of experiment she was conducting. I didn’t see her at first, but when I finally ran into her I said, “Hey, long time no see, Doc. When you get a minute I’ve got some questions for you. Is that ok?”

She nodded, but it was definitely without enthusiasm.

Then I realized I’d forgotten my phone, so I decided to call home on the hotel phone and update Tom. All I could get was the front desk, though. They told me I wasn’t allowed to make or receive any calls. I guess that was part of the deal. I was pissed that I hadn’t been told this up front, and asked if it was ok to send email. They said that’d be fine, but when I opened my laptop, I found its battery dead and that I’d forgotten the power cord.

Now I was even more frustrated, knowing that I now had no way to tell Tom when to pick me up.

I hope I do see my dentist in March cuz I’ve got some questions for real. She’s an army reserve and she got called out the last time. I’ve got some dental questions, and am also curious to know if that’s her that’s been following me on Pinterest. Same first name, middle initial and surname. But who is in the profile pic? Her daughter?

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