Friday, February 24, 2017

Just Make Your Offer Already!

Just when I thought I was wonderfully non-psychic after so many negative dream premonitions and then not having any, I had a bad dream about someone, told myself my track record had been shitty lately and not to worry, but then a few hours later I learned that what I dream happened to them. :-(

Someone asked why Alison dumped me. For a few reasons. Because of our different views on Muslims, the fact that I tried to warn her about a "friend's" dishonesty and selfishness that she didn't want to hear about, even though she's admitted that the person lacks empathy and has lied to her before. Lastly, she suffers from depression and this causes her not to always think very rationally, also as she herself admits. I tried to explain that I couldn't be there for her online or via text 24/7, but she insisted and believed that I really didn't give a shit. Not true, of course, but as they say... You can tell someone the facts, but you can't always make them understand or believe them.

Speaking of dreams, I also dreamed that Tom was buying pants for a job interview rather than actually being offered a job, and knew in my gut that that wasn't a good sign when I got up and Skyped him about it. He was hoping the "dream people" would give us a good sign. Yeah, well, sure enough, they're continuing to fuck with him at work, not come through with offering the promotion they promised to offer by today, and want him to work 6 days a week after pulling 10-hour shifts during the week. This is a total of 50-fucking-8 hours a week! From now on he’s going to refuse to work Saturdays and he’s going to start applying elsewhere. Not sure what an older white man can get when today’s job market belongs to the young minority, especially in the west, but California is a big pay state. Most jobs start above minimum wage and it’s fairly common to start at $15 to $20-something an hour here. The absolute lowest we can afford to go would be about 36K a year. That would pay the necessities but not leave much extra money for savings or fun stuff. We’d HATE to have to take such a huge cut like that, but we would if we had to. Money’s nice but it’s not everything. We’d also prefer he worked 2nd or 3rd shift as opposed to 1st for appointments and stuff like that.

It just really pisses the shit out of me to see him treated the way he’s treated despite making a lot of money. He has no life. He’s a slave to that job. We’d both prefer him to be married to me, not that fucking job. We’ve had to neglect and put off so much shit because of that job, and if they keep fucking him over, they’re going to be held responsible somehow, someway. I made a promise to myself 17 years ago when I stupidly let myself get screwed over in Arizona, and you know what? I’m real damn good at keeping two things… promises and secrets. Tell me you killed someone and beg me to keep it a secret and I will. No joke.

The only problem is that I’m not sure what we can do about the way they’re treating him because they’re not breaking any laws. He makes more than 90% of the people do at that company, and I think that’s part of why they expect so damn much of him. In California there are no laws from what I can tell as far as how many hours you can have your employees work. The only law is that you have to pay them for their work.

There is some good in it, however. He’s made good money much of his working years and we’re looking at a comfortable retirement. I don’t think he could retire early, though. Not unless we wanted to live in a cheap apartment in a cheap place, and we don’t. Places that are real cheap tend to be arctic-like like where we lived in Oregon.

Another good thing is that it may help us have more options for when he retires.

Despite making good money for the most part throughout the years, we have definitely had our poor spells. Let’s not forget how bad we struggled from 2007-2011. So we do have to kind of laugh at the thought of him passing up Saturdays. Just never thought we’d be in a position to pass up that kind of money. At this point, however, he would be willing to take a small pay cut in order to be able to work the standard 40 hours a week. I know it sounds funny, but it’s damn true! He makes almost as much in OT as he does in base pay and he was hoping the promotion would pay approximately the same, but with fewer hours. Yet so far they’re all talk to no action.

Our electric bill is $67 this month, and then we got the bill for our near $900 space rent. There’s still something that just doesn’t seem right about paying rent on top of a mortgage. :-(

I still have some hip pain, so I went out walking for 15 minutes instead of 30. The sun was warm but the air was cold. It was about 42° when I was out, but I was fine in just a sweatshirt. Then I worked on the Bowflex for about a half an hour. I was worried my hip would be worse afterward but it’s about the same. I noticed that when I step on my left foot, but it’s not excruciating or anything like that. I haven’t had to take anything for it.

I just wish they would make him a fucking offer for him to either accept or refuse like they said they would!

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