Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I didn’t beat anybody up in my dreams last night, and no one beat me up either, but I sure had some interesting vacation dreams.

I was on a small boat at night and the lights on the boat were off. There was a full moon and the moonlight glistening upon the ocean was a beautiful scene. Scattered about the water were other Yachts. I saw some kids running around on one of them off in the distance.

The lights of the boat I was on suddenly came on and everyone was freaking out because their luggage had been stolen or swapped while the lights were out. I looked down at the purse I was holding and saw that it was someone else’s.

The next dream was the most interesting in a funny and weird kind of way. It was longer and more detailed. We were cruising again in what looked to be the same stateroom we had the last time. It was getting pretty late and Tom went to bed. Not ready for sleep, I was out and about somewhere for a while and then I return to our room. In the darkened room, a woman rose from the floor at the foot of the bed and started to explain why she was there. Tom then got out of bed and explained along with her that there had been a fire at one end of the ship that damaged several rooms. Therefore, people were asked if they would accommodate those who lost their rooms.

The woman was about 5’6”, skinny, with blue eyes and long silver hair a few inches past her shoulders. She appeared to be in her mid-50s and was between average and pleasant looking. She introduced herself as “Meadow.” She said she’d seen me around before, but I didn’t remember seeing her. She was a traveling nurse who wasn’t sure where she was heading to but said she had plenty of money in savings to get a place right away no matter where she ended up.

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