Friday, February 10, 2017

No News Yet

Tom doesn’t know if he got the job yet, so I guess I’ll hold off details unless he ends up getting it. He should know next week. All we know is that the job might be swing shift.

Last night I dreamed that a cyber friend told me she wanted to see me but “has a problem,” so I wonder if something is up with her. I sent her a message and told her about the dream.

In another dream, I was with her and maybe someone else. The same cyber friend told me not to touch her beer. I told her I hated beer and then I went outside and proceeded to get on what looked like a large tricycle. I began riding the bike down a long, well-traveled street but looked forward to the ride.

The only other dreams I remember was playing with a ferret and changing my middle-parted hair to a side part.

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