Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Roof is Leaking 😡

I woke up this morning and went to use the bathroom. Butt on the toilet, I thought how it would be a bad day today. I then told myself that was a silly thought to have since everything seemed to be running smoothly and I felt okay except for maybe a little lung tightness. I did have a negative dream, but that involved me assaulting some guy that was chasing some girl in a threatening way, and not anything bad happening to me personally. Or Tom.

But then I flushed the toilet, went to wash my hands, and saw it in the mirror. The dark circle in the ceiling about 3 inches in diameter. Yes, our near 34-year-old roof is leaking. There are also a couple of faint lines visible a few feet away from the spot.

Last night I told Tom that I noticed it smelled musty in here despite how clean I keep it and the scented things I have, and that I suspected a leak somewhere with all the rain we’ve had. He disagreed. Yeah, well maybe now he really will get that yes, his wife sure does have the nose of a bloodhound compliments of being born hearing-impaired. As I was lying in bed listening to audiobooks and falling asleep last night, the smell annoyed me.

So now I’m worried that our savings is about to be lost to this shit and this will make it considerably harder for us to move anywhere when he retires. Yes, money issues are way better than health issues, but we seriously may have just lost quite a bit and it could really affect our future.

Realizing that next door would know more about this house in some ways than we do, I asked them for recommendations and if this truly is the original roof as I suspect it is. Bob says it is. They did their roof in 2003. The guy that did it is retired. The guy’s BIL replaced their windows. Their place is absolutely gorgeous. I drool over it every time I see it. I love their textured walls.

“Well, you oughta come over here and make me feel better,” Virginia said in response to my compliments.

Let's just trade houses.

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